TWD: We all scream for (Vanilla) Ice Cream


Ok. I have said it before. We don’t “do” vanilla ice cream. We do, however, do malts, ice cream sandwiches, cake & ice cream and, of course, sundaes! Vanilla ice cream is a great starting point for all of the above. Homemade vanilla ice cream = nirvana. The picture above is Will’s patriotic sundae from the Fourth of July weekend.


Somewhere in downtown Kansas City my husband just got a headache as I posted this sideways picture. I can’t figure out how to turn it around. But, you have seen a sundae before. You get the idea. This one has caramel, chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Perfection.

I have made this ice cream a few times and it is always always always worth it. So, while you won’t see me cozying up to a big bowl of plain vanilla, you can be sure vanilla ice cream doesn’t last long at our house. I have yet to get crazy with mix-ins, flavor additions, etc. but there is always tomorrow.

The full recipe is at Cafe LynnyLu by Lynn.  Other vanilla ice cream creations here.

Next week: Banana Bundt Cake. Why do I love bundt cakes? Probably because they look perttty without me having to summon any decorating skills.


17 responses to “TWD: We all scream for (Vanilla) Ice Cream

  1. Your sundaes look great!

  2. This is your husband. I do have a headache. How can you be so 1982 in a 2009 world????

  3. Whipped cream on ice cream is soooo good. Both sundaes look great, whatever the rotation of the photo!

  4. After reading a few of these, I have to make some more and serve it with whipped cream. That sundae is irresistable. Well done!

  5. Great job! Love the sundae!

  6. This was fantastic ice cream. And as a sundae – delicious.

  7. Caramel and chocolate sauce?? I knew there was a reason I liked you so much!!

  8. The sideways picture is my favorite. And yes, I’m glad you like my analogy about vanilla merely being the starting point. So many options, why stick with “just vanilla”?

  9. This ice cream really was perfect for sundaes, wasn’t it? Too awesome.

  10. Your Vanilla Ice Cream is perfection with the caramel, chocolate sauce, and the whipped cream! I love your sundae dishes too!

  11. Love those sundae dishes!

  12. You know how to dress vanilla ice cream to the nines!

  13. Awesome looking sundae! I don’t normally have ice cream toppings around, so I stick with flavors with lots of things in them 🙂

  14. My word you have a way with sprinkles over there! You can make a party out of a simple bowl of vanilla ice cream like no one else! Skip the chocolate parts, and my spoon is ready for dipping! Great photos…gives us a chance to do neck exercises looking at the second one sideways! LOL…too much fun. Great job!

  15. I particularly like your sideways sundae, and Will’s patriotic one is fantastic too! This is definitely a vanilla that is almost worth getting excited over. I’ll make this again for sure.

  16. I’m a little slow getting around to see all the yummy TWD ice cream, but your sundaes look awesome! Vanilla ice cream is definitely best with other things–like chocolate!!!

  17. Oh my word…that sundae looks heavenly!

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