TWD: Banana Brownie Bundt Button Mini Post


I am behind on posting because of vacation and other obligations and was somewhat dreading getting caught up when I read that several fellow TWD’ers were instituting a one sentence post challenge this week which I decided was the solution but I am breaking the rule slightly because I have two recipes to post and, thus will be delivering two sentences (that’s one).


Because I can’t decorate for s***, I love bundt cakes (effortlessly pretty) but, unfortunately, I needed to make this recipe travel ready and that is why i have a sorry looking mess of banana cupcakes which tasted MUCH better than they looked and were a bigger hit than the brownie buttons which were not gobbled up and were not worth the effort because i can’t see why in the world you would mess with satan’s baking tool (aka mini-muffin pan) when you can make unbelievable brownies in a perfectly nice square pan that accommodates parchment or foil (in case you can’t get the darned brownies out of satan’s baking tool without leaving half of each diminutive treat stuck to the pan and would rather be ordering pics of your kids from the beach anyhow).   deep breath

***pic of brownie buttons coming


9 responses to “TWD: Banana Brownie Bundt Button Mini Post

  1. Those are some cute boys you have there! 🙂 Bummer that the buttons didn’t come out of the satan pan. 😦 Glad the bundt was tasty though. 🙂

  2. Fun pics. Fun summertime. Glad you’re able to enjoy.
    You totally make me laugh. Sorry about your issues with “you-know-who” (think Satan). I have issues, too. What I don’t get is why sometimes things stick and other times the same thing doesn’t stick. Sigh! Whatever you do, DON’T try silicone instead. I have more troubles with that! 😉 Play on!

  3. Gorgeous kids! Sorry your buttons got stuck!

  4. Cute vacation pics!

  5. Love your vacation pictures! Your banana muffins look yummy – are those chocolate chips I spy? (Not that I’m a fan of Satan, but I love his non-stick baking tool!)

  6. Yeah! The Beach!! Hope you are having a wonderful vacation.

  7. Great vacation pics. I agree….the mini-muffin pan is satan’s tool…well put.

  8. I almost spit out my coffee reading about the satan pan – best line I’ve heard EVER!

    Great beach shots – better than slaving over a hot oven any day.

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