TWD: the creamiest lime cream meringue pie (or perfection pie)


Things FINALLY seem to be calming down a little around our little home front  (I shouldn’t have written that, right?).  You may have gleaned through earlier posts that Colin is a bit of slacker/laid back kid.  Well, he took that to the extreme last week by missing the first THREE days of kindergarten.  Of course, it wasn’t really his fault.  The poor kid had pneumonia and then had the unfortunate luck of having an allergic reaction to the first antibiotic.  Pneumonia + hives does not a happy boy make.  This is also the child that is allergic to almost every tree pollen known to the Midwest.  So much for the benefits of breastfeeding!


The good news is that he has recovered and started kindergarten on Monday.  True to his nature, he was most looking forward to recess.  I wish I could say this pie was a great send-off to the brave new world of “real” school but we all know Colin wouldn’t come near this baby.  His older brother shocked me and refused it as well.  Too bad for them cuz it was goo-ood.  [UPDATE:  Will had some the next day and declared it a winner]


Yum – minus one stick of butter! I just couldn’t throw it all in.

My absolute favorite pie growing up was lemon meringue with a key lime a close second.  This was like a perfect combination of the two. I loved it more than a pie should be loved.  What I did not love was standing at the stove stirring and cursing a thermometer that would NOT rise above 137 degrees.  No one who has ever met me for even a minute would confuse with a perfectionist so you can bet I didn’t wait for any 180 to magically appear.  The lemon cream tart was my first TWD recipe and I honestly can’t remember if I had this problem then.  I started the blog the next week so we’ll never know….

No matter.  It was great regardless.  A perfect taste of summer (a season I am not ready to bid farewell.  If we could just skip winter…)


That’s all I have to say about this pie…

Thanks to Linda of Tender Crumb for a great pick.  The recipe is on her site.


14 responses to “TWD: the creamiest lime cream meringue pie (or perfection pie)

  1. Your perfect meringue really makes your photos look awesome! (says the woman who burned her meringue)
    Glad you enjoyed!

  2. So glad Colin is better – nothing like starting the school year off with a bang, right?

    At least Will tried the pie………..

  3. Your pie looks wonderful and I’m glad your son is doing better- that’s a rough way to start the school year!

  4. Looks perfect. Glad you loved it. Once again, I turned mine in to ice cream. Love your cute plate.

  5. This one made me miss the key lime pies of my life in Florida, but as you know, we’d never put butter in a key lime pie, so I can see how you could cut it way back and still have a fabulous pie. And your meringue is awesome!

  6. Poor Colin! And poor you! I am so glad he’s feeling better and getting into the kindergarten swing. We just got an email from Jacob’s 2d grade teacher saying that there is a confirmed case of swine flu in his class. Awesome! But back to your pie – it looks great! My thermometer never came close to the magic 180 mark either; I’m convinced that my thermometers don’t do liquid. I just stopped once it looked like cream. There are similar, but less labor-intensive, pies out there, so I’ll probably choose one of them next time, but I agree with you that this was really fantastic!

  7. Pneumonia AND hives?! Oh no!!! I am glad he is better, though! I bet if he had tried a piece, he would have felt better! It looks great!

  8. The cooking of the cream is definitely a labor of love! By the looks of your beautiful pie, you effort definitely paid off.

    Thanks for baking with me this week! 🙂

  9. I’m so glad Colin is better!

    I couldn’t get near 180 either. Your pie looks fantastic! 🙂

  10. LOOks deliciuous and glad some of your family liked it.

  11. Popped in from Cathy’s to say hi!

  12. Glad it was a success! It looks great.

  13. Glad you loved it! I’m loving the meringue–so gorgeously pillowy, light, and golden brown. 🙂

  14. Oh dear. What a beautiful pie. But I feel so bad for Colin. My son also was allergic to everything under the sun. Allergy shots help, but in a few years you need them again. It is a constant battle. I wish I had made this pie!!

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