Rainbow Cupcakes


This is my baby (he was a peanut for Halloween):


This is that baby turning FIVE!



This is that baby celebrating his FIFTH birthday:


These are the cupcakes from his pool party.  When you are honest with yourself and know your decorating can’t possibly match what is in your head, you choose something like this.  Cute – no artistic skill required.  What more could you ask for?


These are both of my babies starting school.  Wasn’t I just burping them over my shoulder?  What happened to Elmo and Thomas the Train?  I feel like I will wake up tomorrow and one of them will be asking me for the car keys (the answer is no).



4 responses to “Rainbow Cupcakes

  1. AAHHH! I feel the same way – I don’t know how my kids got to be 10 and 12 !!

    Gorgeous boys – but you already knew that.

    II commend you on your choice of cupcakes (and that birthday cake looks pretty delicious too.)

  2. Ugh…I KNOW!!!! Vincent is turning 5 on 9/12 and I just do not know how that happened!! Stay firm on the car keys. 🙂

  3. Love the cupcakes!
    Yep, it’s flyin’ by (life). Cute boys! I love that, what Pamela said, “stay firm on the car keys.” ha

  4. The cupcakes look yummy. Congrats on the birthday.

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