TWD: Espresso Cheesecake Brownies (better yet…espresso cheesecake AND brownies)


OK.  Let’s break this one down:

  • Coffee:  while I don’t care for coffee in it’s common form (usually found in ubiquitous Starbucks paper cup), I love it is as dessert.  If you haven’t had a coffee ice cream malt with hot fudge, you have been denied one of life’s true pleasures.  I did go on a brief frappuccino binge in the late 90s but it wasn’t pretty.  Picture Hammy from Over the Hedge and you’re close.
  • Cheesecake:  just yum.  Yum yum yum.  Did I make myself clear?  Yum.
  • Brownies: who doesn’t like brownies?  There are people out there who don’t bake them.  Fine.  There are people out there who don’t crave them.  Fine, too.  But do you know anyone who just won’t eat one?  Ever?  I don’t.  Even the non-chocolate loving types will throw one down every now and then.  They are, and this is no exaggeration, one of our greatest national achievements.


too pretty to top

  • Sour cream:  I can tolerate it in baked goods but don’t like it otherwise.  So, I didn’t have any.  So, there wasn’t any in my version.
  • Sum total:  This is where it gets tricky.  The parts (mostly) are divine…together…not so much.  Sometimes the sum of the parts just doesn’t meet its potential.  See Ishtar; see also the NY Yankees of late.  Don’t get me wrong.  The brownies were good and I gladly ate one but I don’t think I would make them again.  In fact, I can’t recall ever having a cheesecake brownie that I thought was better than the sum of its parts (and oh how I have sampled).  For me, the brownie always suffers.  I think an espresso cheesecake with fudge ripple would hit all the right notes for me.  Or maybe that coffee/fudge malt from paragraph 1….


Stacked and ready for the co-workers

The full recipe is at Life in a Peanut Shell by Melissa.  Next week:  soufflé!  I am nervous but optimistic!

Will’s portrait of his dessert below (brownie with chocolate ganache ice cream).  He preferred the ice cream…


9 responses to “TWD: Espresso Cheesecake Brownies (better yet…espresso cheesecake AND brownies)

  1. How did the coworkers like them? I loved the frosting the best. I had never made a cheesecake brownie before either.

  2. Well, shoot. As I was reading this I was so rooting for you to love them, seeing as how you feel about all the individual parts. I am disappointed to see that you were disappointed – bummer. I loved these, even though your swirling put my swirling to shame.

  3. I agree–like all the parts, just didn’t like them together. And I tried three different times to see if I liked them any better, including using the Hepburn brownies because the other recipe made dry brownies. The KH ones were the best of the three, but still, none of us really loved them. Ya live and learn, right.
    Your swirl job looks fabulous!

  4. Phew – I thought it was just me that wasn’t overly thrilled with these.

    I love the swirling design – and you say you aren’t creative!

  5. Your brownies look great! I agree… they were good, but not good enough to make again.

  6. beautiful swirl. Bummer that the sum of the parts didn’t make you happy. At least they are pretty. 🙂

  7. Okay, I confess, I am one of those who never eats brownies or anything chocolate…yep, that would be me. That said, my family loves chocolate and they would love these for sure. How did you get all that swirly goodness? My chocolate all sank to the bottom, I tried to guess where it might be to swirl it a bit, but it didn’t do any good…no swirly bits for me, so very envious of this glorious swirling in your photos!

  8. Hee hee, Hammy from Over the Hedge won me over. I took a pass on these and I think I’m glad–most folks seem to agree with you and are kind of lukewarm on the recipe. Hopefully next week’s chocolate souffle will treat you better!

  9. Your swirl is fabulous! It’s too bad these weren’t better received by everyone, especially since the parts by themselves are so good. Maybe simple is best.

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