TWD: a little Chocolate Souffle

This is my souffle dish:


I have it had since 1998.  I have never made a souffle.  I registered for it.  I have no earthly idea why.  It wasn’t for the myriad of souffles I was planning on making.  Perhaps the ridges?  It has held all manner of food stuffs: chips, soup, pasta and rice.  Never souffle.


This went with some vegetarian gumbo.  I took a picture — maybe someday I’ll post the recipe.

I was excited to make a chocolate souffle.  I even said so when it was my hosting week.  I was finally going to rightfully employ said dish.  Then souffle week fell on labor day.  You may be thinking — hello, genius, we get the recipes weeks ahead of time.  You would be right.  I had every intention of making it the Sunday prior to labor day weekend.  Then we made an unplanned detour to my very favorite ice cream store on Sunday afternoon.  It seemed wrong to have both in one day and I wasn’t about to watch my family devour Murray’s in front of me.

So, here we are.  It is labor day and we have just returned from a little trip up to Nebraska…where we went to the Husker game and the State Fair.  Throw in a pizza buffet and you can see how nutritious and downright spartan the weekend was.  Monday night?  Not a great night for a giant chocolate souffle.

I apologize dear souffle dish but you are still relegated to pasta salad duty for the moment.  Hello, ramekins!


I made a quarter of the recipe.  It didn’t get as high as I would have hoped but there is every possibility that I over-folded.  I don’t have any past experience to judge this by on any level.  I thought it was good but I am glad I didn’t go for the whole recipe.  It wouldn’t have been worth a second helping this evening.


Next week:  apple turnovers.  Did I mention that we stopped at Arbour Day Farm on the way home?  If you didn’t know that Arbour Day was conceived in Nebraska, now you do!  We have apples, baby!  (and apple cider, and apple butter…)

The full recipe is at She’s Becoming Doughmesstic.  Don’t look at her decorated cookies.  You will never look at yours the same again.


17 responses to “TWD: a little Chocolate Souffle

  1. I’m glad I only made half a recipe because I know I would have kept eating too much of it.
    I was happy that my fear of souffle was “fixed” by this recipe. It was easy and chocolaty.
    Sounds like you had a fun weekend! Mmmm, apples. I just bought some good-lookers at the farmer’s market. I need to look at next week’s recipe now!

  2. Well it sure does look good! Maybe someday you’ll make a whole souffle LOL I forgot to add my egg yolks and it still came out good 🙂

  3. Someday I hope to even make 1/4 th of the recipe. It looks perfect.

  4. Well your little chocolate souffle looks just wonderful. Apples??? Now we are talking…and isn’t something appley coming up soon, like an apple turnover? Fun to hear about your adventures!

  5. You know, even if I had a proper souffle dish, which I do not (although they sure sound like handy little things), I think I’d want to make the souffle in ramekins anyway. They ‘re just so darn cute that way. I think yours looks great! Glad you can finally cross “souffle” off your list!

  6. You did it! You used those little things as they were meant to be used!
    Thanks for baking along with me this week!
    Susan of

  7. Go dad is a big Nebraska fan..he was born and raised in Valentine and I have tons of family all over NE. Im glad you had a good trip. I love the souffle..very nice!

  8. Poor Souffle dish…. 🙂 The ramekins work just fine though. 🙂 I just saw pictures from the state fair from a friend that lives up there. What fun!

  9. I made a quarter recipe too. Hmm, I didn’t realize that over-folding may have affected the rise of the souffle. Yours looks really yummy! I like the individual souffle servings!

  10. Sounds like your one step closer to using the big souffle dish.

    Where is the Arbor Day Farm? My daughter lives in Lincoln, and it sounds like an interesting and fun place to visit.

    • Judy – it is in Nebraska City – about 50 miles southeast of Lincoln. My husband used to go there every year as a kid with his family for picnics. We have picked up on the tradition and since it is right on the way from Lincoln to Kansas City it is an easy detour. The kids love it.

  11. I love the photo of the rice in the souffle dish – it just made me smile for some reason – maybe because I use specifically-designated dishes for completely unrelated foods, too.

    Lovely little mini souffle!

  12. Aw, I think mini souffles are cuter than the big guys anyhow! Nothing too appealing about a big glob of souffle lobbed onto a plate if you ask me! Now your petite little guys, on the other hand…adorable.

  13. Beautiful souffle. Almost too easy to be so good.

    Glad you finally got to use the souffle dish FOR a souffle.

  14. I should have used my ramekins instead of the new souffle dish I bought. Yours are so cute!

  15. Well, it sounds like that souffle dish is well used and well loved. Nice little souffle’s you’ve got there!

  16. Yay! You used your souffle dish for a souffle. It looks great!

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