TWD: Flaky (true) Apple (and chocolate!) Turnovers


The reasons why I will never be a professional baker are too numerous to recount in their entirety but let’s go over a few shall we:

1. Lack of, you know, actual knowledge. Photos like the one below just perplex me.  I don’t immediately think – “If I add XYZ, that will work.”  I just shrug, pop it in the fridge and hope for the best.  If it goes wrong, and that is always a distinct possibility, I can’t even usually pinpoint the failure.


2.  Refusal to succumb to the details. I try; I really do.  I always start out with great intentions.  I bust out my thermometer/ruler/rolling pin/etc with the greatest alacrity.  This will be the week I really roll it out to 1/8 in/bring it to 180 degrees/make a perfect rectangle of dough.  Somewhere between sifting (yeah, right) the dry ingredients, supervising my “cleaning helper” in the sink and checking on the dinner that is inevitably behind schedule, I lose my enthusiasm for perfection or even following the bare directions.  This week I 1) failed to get my dough to 1/8 in.; 2) didn’t even pretend to measure the cinnamon and sugar for the apples; and 3) threw in an extra “gob” of sour cream.  A gob would be about 2.5 plops for those unfamiliar with such technical measurements.


3.  Complete and total lack of artistic skill.  If you have read this blog before, this one needs no further explanation.

4.  Oh, and I hear that bakers have to be up early.  Yeah, that’s a deal breaker.

BUT (and it is a big one) despite all of these shortcomings, I will always love to bake.  You know why?  Because, sometimes (often enough to keep me going) it all just works.  I don’t know why and I don’t question.  These turnovers are a perfect example.  That crumbly mess with the extra “gob” of sour cream turned into a flaky pastry.  Miraculous!  Big thumbs up in our house.

You know what else?  When you are the baker you get to make what you like.  You might, say, like chocolate.  You might, theoretically, sneak a few raisins into a chocolate one (mmmmm….).


These were from the second roll-out and they were still good…

So, thanks to Julie of Someone’s in the Kitchen for picking these turnovers.  I made a half recipe and it is probably a good thing I didn’t make more.

Next week: Cottage Cheese Pufflets.  These were on my short list of recipes out of sheer curiousity.  Tune in next week to see if dumb luck strikes again.


14 responses to “TWD: Flaky (true) Apple (and chocolate!) Turnovers

  1. You made them with chocolate filling? Darn, now I have to do them again.
    Very funny post!

  2. Yours are perfect. Such perfect circles. I screwed mine up. I’m in AWE of yours!!!

  3. Ha, great post! What chocolate did you put inside? Melted chocolate, pudding??? I will make these again, the possibilities are endless. I didn’t even make apple. Cherry and banana chocolate chip. Good! The chocolate looks divine!

  4. What are you talking about? I’ve seen some amazing creations from your kitchen – and the fact that you can multi-task with kids underfoot, dinner waiting and be baking at the same time – that just qualifies you for Super-Mom status.

  5. I like to add an extra blurb of vanilla or a smackeral of this or that myself.

  6. Funny…but I salute you each and every week for baking at all with little ones underfoot! Your turnovers look really great (okay, the apple ones, I won’t lie and say chocolate looks great as you would know that I would be lying on that account, but your pastry on the chocolate one looks great). It’s a good thing I didn’t make a whole recipe either…and a good thing I have two teenage boys who inhale food so they were out of reach and sight within 20 minutes after they baked.

  7. Oooo, chocolate and raisins?! That sounds so good. Will put that on my list of things to try next time. 🙂 Yours look delicious!

  8. Chocolate and raisins? Oh, yes please! And I think that winging it is the best part of baking – it means you aren’t scared of it!

  9. What?! I thought a gob was 2.75 plops! No wonder I screw up so often! I also have no idea why things work and why they don’t, but it sure is fun when they do work. Your turnovers look great — good thinking with the chocolate! And I loved this post.

  10. Thanks to all my boys, I’ve had quite a few recipes where I either forgot an ingredient (usually a very vital one), or switched the order of the steps, or left out a step… some of my desserts end up VERY interesting! At least we’re in there trying right 🙂

  11. I totally understand. Sometimes you just hope for a good recipe and wing it. Your turnovers looks yummy! Thanks for baking with me.

  12. Yum, chocolate sounds awesome! And if your turnovers can be believed, you are most definitely a baker, lady!

  13. Great post. Your turnovers look wonderful. Love the chocolate.

  14. that pastry looks incredibly flakey! I’m in awe. 🙂

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