TWD: Chocolate No-Crunch Caramel Tart (a little really goes a long way)


Ganache overflow

This tart was sooo rich.

How rich was it?

It was so rich I saw a hundred dollar bill under the caramel.

This tart was sooo rich.

How rich was it?

It was so rich it bought me dinner.

Thanks.  I’ll be here all week.  [and no I am not quitting my day job.]

Throwing a dinner party during a recession?  This is the dessert for you.  For me to remark on how rich something is you know it truly is.  When it comes to my consumption of all things dessert related descriptors like “dainty” “sparingly” and “nibble” don’t usually never come into play.  I have made exactly ONE TWD recipe that I did not taste (I am not counting the rice pudding which nobody tasted) and I have seconds or more of most.  I skipped the Twofer Pie because pecans are not a part of my life and I would prefer they be eliminated from all recipes written or otherwise moving forward.



On that note, I skipped the crunch.  I briefly considered hazelnuts, which I can tolerate, but decided that was a lot of expense and trouble for something that wouldn’t improve the recipe for me.  I will be curious to see if anyone had success with non-nut crunchables.

Back to the decadence.  I can usually handle those over the top desserts with ease.  I have been known to have thirds of cheesecake and hot fudge was a welcome addition to my last cherry malt (heaven).  So, imagine my surprise when one slice of tart turned out to be more than plenty.  It could be partly related to the hour and circumstances under which I consumed it.  I started the tart Sunday evening after we arrived back from a weekend in Nebraska**.  During the course of tart making I burnt my finger on some hot caramel.  And, for the record, hot caramel?  BURNS.  I accidentally hit my finger with a spatula covered in caramel as I was spooning in the butter.  Don’t do that.  I had to peel the caramel off my finger.


The missing test slice.

By the time I was done melting chocolate, chilling caramel and burning flesh (a convenient reason to skip that second load of laundy btw), it was about 9:00pm.  I probably should have called it a night but, damn it, I had to know if the tart was good after all that.  And, yes, it was.  Good and…rich.  Enjoy.


Right sized slice

The full recipe is Chocolate Moosey by Carla.  Next week:  split level pudding.  Will my desire to make coffee pudding trump my instinct to make it kid friendly?  We shall see…

**Nebraska trip:  My husband was born and raised in Lincoln, NE which really is the college football capital of the world.  Before you naysayers start rolling your eyes, I will tell you that we were there for the 300th consecutive home sell-out.  That is not a misprint.  The streak started in Nov. 1962.  My dad was a FRESHMAN in college.  He is now retirement age.  The Beatles were unknown in America.  The Cuban Missile Crisis had just ended.  And the stadium isn’t small.  It has held between 70,000 – 86,000 (renovations) people during that time.  Ponder that for a moment.

Husker stadium


19 responses to “TWD: Chocolate No-Crunch Caramel Tart (a little really goes a long way)

  1. Oh how fablous this tart looks! Im so glad you liked it. I thought it was very good!

  2. that tart looks so perfectly smooth on top. . it is amazing. I want the $100 of course!! I knew better than to try this one because I always mess up anything caramel. Great job on yours.

  3. 300 consecutive sell outs???? Wow, that is very very impressive. So is your tart…I love the smooth top and the way it cascades down the sides a bit…wow. My guys loved loved loved this tart. I think I will be baking it again in the near future…diabetic coma or not. LOL. Sorry about your finger. Make note: hot sugar is HOT! Good luck with the TWD allspice muffins, I picked a recipe where no one would have to go to the store an get anything special! Whew!

  4. 300th sellout? Sheesh. I guess that makes it qualify for the football capital of the world.

    David thought the tart was too rich, so he might have been onto something, since you thought it was as well. And for the nuts – I don’t think they would have had a place in there anyways. They weren’t missed!

  5. I don’t know anything about college football so I will take your word on it…

  6. Ouch! I’m sorry you burned your finger (but yay for skipping laundry). I also burned myself (I was done with this one but was working on next week’s TWD) but that didn’t stop me from enjoying a slice, either. I’m glad you liked it, even though it was rich.

    I love pecans. Can we still be friends? 🙂

  7. How funny we both did “rich” jokes in our posts. Yours looks great!

  8. Your tart turned out beautifully! I love how the overflowing ganache looks in the first photo.

  9. Rich! You are right. I couldn’t agree more. Too rich. But yours look good anyway.

  10. Too rich? Great. I really need an occasion to make this, but REALLY want to get it done this next week–somehow, when I’m going to be out of town from Thurs. to Sunday. Hmmm? Crunchy or not, it looks great. Although I am what I eat and I LOVE all nuts! 😉

  11. I agree, too rich! It was definitely good, but I think there was ganache overload. 😉 Love the stats on the stadium, you learn a new thing everyday!

  12. Amazing photos, hilarious post. I think you need to celebrate with a second slice of that dessert!

  13. I think I would ❤ this without the crunch. Looks divine! I have a good friend in Nebraska. It looks like your trip was really fun!

  14. Stand up comedy AND baking skills? You’re the whole package! Yours looks delish, even sans nuts (and I’m a nut lover.)

  15. Oh, addendum! I think rice crispies would be really good mixed into the caramel, to give it a lighter texture and crunch. Then this would REALLY taste like a candy bar.

  16. Fantastic looking tart, even if it is crunchless.

  17. This would be without the nuts. And yes it was rich and decadent. And yours jokes are as corny as a corn dog, but still funnny!

  18. Chocolate and caramel – is there anything better. I’ll be trying this one for sure. Isn’t it fun cooking with your kids – I do it and I’m so glad my son will be able to cook good food for himself.

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