TWD: Split Level Pudding two ways


I usually don’t gaze at a cup of pudding and find it to be a metaphor for my life but this week…I couldn’t help myself.  This week’s TWD was split level pudding.  One happy layer of ganache topped with a complimentary layer of pudding.  Sounds simple, right?  I was immediately drawn to the idea of coffee pudding with the chocolate ganache (coffee + chocolate = heaven).  But then, I had to consider the fact that my kids like pudding but probably wouldn’t be clamoring for coffee.  Since mint is (inexplicably) not universally loved in my house, that left vanilla as the safe choice.

And there you have it – the tension between being a parent and being an individual.  Kelly wants coffee pudding, a condo and some new furniture.  Mom wants to share her desserts, throw the kids outside to play, and sees the folly in investing in new furniture during these destructive formative years.  Kelly loves that everyone can put their own shoes on, use the bathroom and get the food (in theory) into their mouths instead of the floor.  Mom misses seeing little baby bottoms and dies a little inside every time she finds a long forgotten toy.  You don’t think you will miss Elmo but…


The solution?  I don’t know what yours is.  Me?  I made both and everyone got treated to real whipped cream on top (too late for pictures).  It’s great being Kelly and Mom.  We’ll leave the dilemma of new furniture for another day.  Now, if I could just get someone to explain to me why my ganache was perfect last week but runny this week, I could find some peace.    Unfortunately, the runniness had me wishing for the plain chocolate pudding.  I am sure this would be great had I gotten it all right.

Next week:  Allspice Crumb Muffins.  I promise to spare you the allspice analogies.  The full recipe is at Flavor of Vanilla by Garrett.


14 responses to “TWD: Split Level Pudding two ways

  1. Do you have a link for the recipe?

  2. You should write a book. Love how you say things as I think them!

    Glad you were able to satisfy everyone!

    I skipped the pudding this week (been out of town), but was able to post last week’s tart today. Mmm!

  3. This looks delicious! And I can totally relate to the tension — one day we’ll rediscover ourselves, right?!

  4. When exactly do the destructive years end? Because I’m waiting for new furniture as well. And my kids are significantly older than yours.

    Perhaps by the time they are in college – yes, that sounds right.

  5. Love the metaphor. I too die a little everytime I find a long forgotten toy. 😦
    Mine was runny too. Glad it was well liked though!

  6. I really don’t know if this could be the cause of the runny-ness, but long ago I made pudding, and it was runny, and my mom said that I’d probably gotten some saliva in while I was mixing it, and that the proteins in the saliva broke down the gel structure. Or some sciencey explanation.

    For all I know she was totally making it up, but hey, if nothing else it’s kept me pretty honest about using a clean spoon each time I taste something! (um.. not to accuse you of spitting in the pudding or anything!)

  7. Cheers to you. Kelly and mom are both important. Your pudding looks lovely and had to be extra satisfying knowing you were able to make a dish just for you. Curious about the runny ganache, but it’s not like chocolate sauce is a bad thing.

  8. Funny how many of us thought of coffee right away. I made my vanilla pudding (and I use that term loosely!) with a little espresso powder. Tasted great with the chocolate.

  9. Nothing wrong with analogies. I wax poetic more often than not because cooking for yourself, and for the people that you love is a great way to be present in your own life.
    Great story, great pudding.

  10. I love your split level analogy (is that the right word?) with the different pudding flavors and the 2 hats you wear as an individual and a mom.
    Your Split Level Puddings look beautiful in their glass cups! I’d like to try the coffee version next time, only I was thinking of adding it to the ganache instead of the pudding…

  11. Formative. I’m going to remember that. 😉 Lovely pudding!

  12. I love the way your photos show the “two levels” part of the pudding! Great job! I hope you are having a wonderful October!

  13. What a great post. I love the theme.

  14. Loved this post. Didn’t make the pudding last week as I was out of town, so have to do that yet, but wanted to check in here and see how yours went: very well I would say. Loved the post as there is not a mom in the world who couldn’t identify with what you were saying about children growing up, Moms growing up, etc. Heartwarming, thanks for sharing.

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