TWD: Allspice Crumb (?) Muffins


Dorie Pies + me = Deep infatuation (despite the singular failure of the Twofer Pie)

Dorie Cakes + me = We will be lifelong friends

Dorie Cookies + me =  I dream of the Malted Whopper Drops

Dorie Ice Cream + me = BFF!  Love ya like a sis!

Dorie Brownies + me = Can you marry a brownie?  No?  Guess we will just have to cohabitate in bliss for eternity.

Dorie Muffins + me = Hmmm…friendly co-workers at best at this point.  This is the fourth muffin recipe I have tried from BFMHTY and, while none have been total disasters, none have really knocked it out of the park either.  In fact, my favorite Dorie muffins were when I turned the blueberry crumb cake into muffins.


These were OK.  My streusel sort of melted into the muffin and around the pan.  Whatever we did with the blueberry crumb cake muffins worked better.  And, frankly, this is just personal taste, but these were too buttery for me.  I am not a person who butters bread, pancakes, popcorn or much of anything…so the overwhelming buttery flavor of the topping was a little off putting.  I am happy to report that Will loved them.  I think he ate almost the entire batch over the course of the week.  You can’t argue with that.

Next week: sweet potato biscuits.  I only became friends with sweet potatoes a couple of years ago but now we are tight.  The full recipe for this week is at Grandma’s Kitchen Table by Kayte.  It is a great site – check it out!  See how she manages to keep up with 47 different cooking groups and be amazed.

Gratuitous family shot.  My spouse, lifelong Cowboys fan, took Will to see them when they came to town to play the Chiefs on Sunday (his first NFL game).  It was ridiculously, horribly, unconscionably, unseasonably cold.  Better them than me.


11 responses to “TWD: Allspice Crumb (?) Muffins

  1. yep, these muffins didn’t do it for me either. try, try again. i’ll try adding apples next time for a flavor kick 🙂

    go texans!! (sorry. had to sneak that in there 😉 )

  2. Great picture – Alexander is dying to go to a football game – too bad Vegas doesn’t have a team!

    Glad to hear that Will liked the muffins – but I’ll bet the little one didn’t touch them.

  3. You don’t butter your pancakes? bread? muffins?

    I am aghast.

    That’s ok, leaves more for me. 😉

    They look wonderful.

  4. I was pretty shocked when I saw lots of buttery residue in my muffin tin, and I used paper liners! Still, I liked this muffin alot! Handsome men you’ve got there! Sorry it wasn’t a winner!

  5. Sweet picture of your family! Bummer that these weren’t quite your taste. I think now I have to make the blueberry crumb cake into muffins….

  6. Your muffins look delicious. Happy Will thought so, too. Love the shot of the guys at the game…something just classic and warm and fuzzy about those shots always. Thanks for baking with me this week, and thanks for the lovely things you said in your post about me, very kind of you.

  7. The muffins are lovely…but maybe you’re just not a muffin gal. Love the gratuitous family shot, too.

  8. I can only say this because I live “here”, too, but don’t people only go to Chiefs games to see the other team? haha No wait, that’s the Royals. kidding. And yes, dang, it’s been annoying cold. I want it to go away and be fall for a lot longer. Sigh!

    Great analogies of Dorie’s recipes. Love it! Do you have other muffin recipes that you love, or maybe you just don’t love muffins? I don’t love them. They are just okay to me. Give me a cookie or ice cream or pie or cake…..I could go on. 😉

  9. LOL – I definitely agree with your infatuation with Dorie’s pies!

    We have many more muffin recipes to get thru, and I’m sure one of them will speak to you. I love the festive Halloween liners! 🙂

  10. Your muffins look fabulous! I love your cute Halloween liners too. Well done!

  11. Funny post. I’m new to TWD and haven’t tried any of her ice cream recipes. Since I love ice cream when it is freezing outside, I’m sure I’ll get around to it soon.

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