TWD: Mousseless Chocolate Fudge Brownie Torte


More is more where dessert is concerned so we put a little ice cream with it…

There wasn’t really anything about the mousse that didn’t appeal to me – except for the fact that I had to make it…and buy the ingredients…and wait out a long chill time.

What this post is really about is the complications of modern life.  Lack of time coupled with the necessity of placing some restrictions on consumption eliminated the possibility of the mousse.  Let me explain…

PA250052 It could have used a topping disguise.

Usually, I make TWD goodies on Sunday afternoon.  We spent this weekend in St. Louis (having a great time, BTW).  By the time we got back home there wasn’t time for brownie making AND ingredient buying AND mousse making AND chilling.  Why didn’t I make it last weekend, you ask, when the biscuits (which weren’t really dessert anyway) were a disaster?  Good question.  The boys wanted to make decorated Halloween Cookies.  I wanted some TCBY.  There can only be so much sugary goodness at once…which is why I couldn’t make this dessert for Monday night.


Seeing as I made the brownie part Sunday after St. Louis, I could have stashed it and made the mousse on Monday, right?  Wrong!  We spent the weekend in a hotel.  You know what that means.  Lots of restaurant food.  I was willing to scarf down some brownie torte on Sunday night as an extension of our oh-so-healthful weekend eating but there was no way I would even be able to look at it on Monday.  And, let’s face it, I am baking for my pleasure here.  In fact, when we got home I made a vegetable dish from – no joke – my Monastery cookbook.  Very necessary.

If the mousse measures up to the brownies, however, then I missed out.  Cuz we loved these brownies.  Even Colin.  With the Cherries.  (I peeled some pears and tried to pass them off as apples in his lunch last week.  He wasn’t fooled and told me never to put those “funny apples” in his lunch again.  FOILED!)

Next Week:  chestnut cake.  Oy!  I don’t even know where to start with this one.  I may postpone this one til later in the month when I can wrap my head around what a chestnut would taste like.

Gratuitous family shot of kids at City Museum in St. Louis.  If you have kids and you’re close…GO.



9 responses to “TWD: Mousseless Chocolate Fudge Brownie Torte

  1. Yeah – I’m skipping out on the chestnut cake till the end of the month too.

    The brownies were good, weren’t they? I didn’t make the mousse either, just for a lack of enthusiasm.

  2. I want one of those cookies! Or maybe just an icing-filling smooch from that little cutie who’s eating it. ::g::

    I think you made the best choice, keeping it simple and enjoyable for the family.

  3. Life DOES happen doesn’t it?? We thought the torte was wonderful, but I gave half of it away so I didn’t blow up like a balloon 🙂

  4. Cute pictures! glad the brownie part is a hit on its own!

  5. Being called out on trying to pass off pairs made me laugh. My husband isn’t a big fan of fruit and one night I served a bowl of cubed pear and didn’t mention what it was but said “it’s kind of like a cross between and apple and a melon.” As he was eating it he asked, “what’s it called?” I respond “a pear” and we both started laughing hysterically becuse he was braced for some exotic name he had never heard of. To this day we refer to pears as a cross between an apple and a melon.

  6. Just think of how many unnecessary calories you spared yourself by skipping the mousse! Silver lining, right? (But I must say, I did think the mousse was fab. Maybe next time!) And I agree about the chestnut cake–what the what? Not sure if I’ll be making it or not!

  7. We liked the brownies (sans cherries), too!
    And I much prefer ice cream to the mousse. (I just did whipped cream).
    And we’ve taken the boys to SL City Museum also–FUN!
    And yep, I’m thinking TWD rewind next week.

  8. Your boys are soo cute! I love how you tried to swap pears and apples! =)
    Your brownie looks terrific, especially with the ice cream! =)

  9. I love the story of your son with the funny apples. It gave me a much needed smile. I didn’t get to try this one last week but based on what you say about the brownie, I can’t wait!

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