TWD: sugar topped molasses cookies (or baking FOR the boys)

Thank god for Cub Scouts.

What does this have to do with Sugar-Topped Molasses Cookies?  The Cub Scouts – specifically the Pinewood Derby participants and attendees – saved me from eating 28 sugar-topped molasses cookies.  You see, I signed up to bring 2 dozen baked goods to the Pinewood Derby.  What?  Spicy Molasses cookies aren’t the first thing to spring to your mind when I mention an evening with 50+ scouts and siblings?  Well, you obviously didn’t have 24 taste-of-fall-little-gems staring at you.  You see – when you bring baked goods to the Pinewood Derby, they are for sale.  For me to eat the 10 that sounded good, I would have had to pony up $5.  It was the scouts or my thighs and I chose scouts.

I am happy to report that several were actually purchased, including a few by my spouse and son.  After trying one of the chocolate brownies, Will informed me that person wasn’t a “very good cooker” and went off to get a molasses cookie.  At least one scout knows where the good stuff is.

In true scouting news, my son did not win a trophy but he did win a few races (miles ahead of where he was last year).  There is nothing – NOTHING – more satisfying than seeing your children genuinely excited by their accomplishments.  It made sitting through the 37 hours of races worth it.  And, yes, it was his accomplishment.  He did the bulk of the work himself.  One kid actually blurted into the microphone that his dad did all the work.  Trust me, he was either the only one who said it out loud or we have a REMARKABLE group of young boys.

Next week:  who knows?   It’s a free for all at TWD this month.  All in one holiday cake probably.  For this recipe visit Pamela of Cookies with Boys.  Those boys are too cute to miss!

16 responses to “TWD: sugar topped molasses cookies (or baking FOR the boys)

  1. My oldest is now 17 and when he was in scouts, half the dads built the cars for their kids! UGH Never understood that! Your son is very cute 🙂 Glad they enjoyed the cookies, I made them last week and loved them. I made the cran-apple crisp this week, so good!

  2. Congratulations on being a good cooker and the little one win races 🙂

  3. Congrats to Will for 2 reasons:

    1. Making the racecar himself – the look on his face says it all.

    2. For recognizing the difference between a good brownie (yours) and a bad brownie (someone else’s).

  4. Good man for figuring out who the good cooker was. 😉

  5. my family loved these! Glad your boy knows where the good stuff is! Congrats to your son on winning some races! 🙂

  6. Oh, the Pinewood Derby. I’m with you all the way.
    This is one of those cookies that you have to just give a try, and then you are hooked!

  7. My boy made his cars himself.

    He had so much fun doing it.

    Your cookies look great.

  8. I made these too! I had to pop mine in the freezer in fear I would eat the entire batch in one day!
    Im glad the scouts liked them!

  9. We do the cars in Awanas for the kids and grandpa and my Hunk are right there talking my rugrats into how they REALLY want their car to be done…… lol

    Cookies look yummy! Son is adorable!

  10. Cute lil’ derby boy! I kind of like that we do our scout troop through our church, so it’s a much smaller group and they only race against themselves (probably only 15-20 guys). Makes sitting through the races much more doable for me! 😉 But you’re right, it’s so fun to see them all excited about their cars. My husband helps a little, but the boys pick how they want the design, etc.
    Too funny about the “not a good cooker”. 😉 Some people just don’t get it in the kitchen. Your cookies look great!

    In answer to your comment on my post, I didn’t even realize Pioneer Woman was going to be in KC the other night. I couldn’t have made it that far anyway that night. would have been fun, but can only do what you can do, huh! 😉

  11. Handsome boy, I love it! What a funny comment too. I should have taken my cookies somewhere… I ate WAY too many myself!

  12. Your son looks so happy! It is wonderful when our children succeed at something they do themselves. Oh, and your cookies look good. I made these two weeks ago and shipped mine off to my soldiers in Operation Baking Gals just so I couldn’t eat all of them myself.

  13. He is beaming!! I can totally tell how proud and excited he is. That’s great. Glad you enjoyed the cookies. Thanks for baking with me and for the very kind words!

  14. There’s a happy boy! And I’m happy that you didn’t eat all those cookies. Sounds like you had a lovely day!

  15. What a super cool, race-winning car your boy made! I am not exactly sure what was going on in the garage when my hubs and son retreated there to work on his car, but they both swear the boy did most of the work. I bet the cookies were a huge hit at the Derby. I might have to wait until our next derby to make them again, because I really need 75 hungry wood car racers to keep me from eating all of these myself. Yours look delicious – you are one heck of a cooker!

  16. I remember those Pinewood Derby days! Such fun and some of those parents were so competitive! LOL. The worst was the year it was between Matt and Alex for one of the races and they wanted us to each one cheer for ONE of them and the other cheer for the other ONE of them…it can’t be done! These cookies were the biggest hit around here…Matt delcared them his all-time favorite cookie…can’t get better than that. Yours look wonderful. Love the photo of the little one with his car…a very very fine car!

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