TWD: All-in-one-holiday Bundt Cake (if your version of “all” doesn’t include nuts)

I thought this cake sounded good but was hesitating to make it.  I knew I wouldn’t be making it for Thanksgiving.  Thus far, the munchkins have requested brownies and monster chocolate chip cookies.  I probably won’t be making those either but you can see where this cake doesn’t exactly follow that trend.  The thought of an entire bundt cake tempting me the week before Thanksgiving was giving me pause.  I briefly considered decreasing the recipe but, after turning the last bundt cake into muffins, I was itching to make a fully beautiful bundt.

Ok.  so the “beautiful” part didn’t quite work out…

Then I had an epiphany.  A teeny tiny little voice inside my head said, “ya know, Kel, just because something is sitting on your counter does not mean you have to eat it all, or most of it, or, really, any of it” (I stopped it right there before crazy talk of substituting prune puree for butter ensued).  With untested resolve I moved forward with the cake.  I figured the co-workers were always an option if home consumption petered out.

HA!  This cake lasted about 2.6 seconds in the house.  Not only did the co-workers not even have a sniff of the cake, I didn’t have to worry about making more than one trip to the well (or cake plate).  Even though a small hunk went straight from pan to floor, the consumption was quick and painless.

Maybe because this reminded me of pumpkin bread and I think of pumpkin bread as breakfast and not dessert, I probably wouldn’t serve this at Thanksgiving dinner.  BUT it would be perfect breakfast for those pesky out-of-town relatives.  For the full recipe, visit Britin at the Nitty Britty.

Next week: Rosy Poached Pear and Pistachio Tart.  Who wants to be we won’t be having pistachios?


9 responses to “TWD: All-in-one-holiday Bundt Cake (if your version of “all” doesn’t include nuts)

  1. Sorry about that but so glad it was all eaten! Mine stuck in the pan a few weeks ago when I made it. I made it again last night in a new bundt pan and used baker’s joy spray, it came out perfect!

  2. Glad everyone liked it so much. Bummer that it fell on the floor. 😦

  3. Amazing. You just never know what will be a hit at home. Well done!

  4. I had trouble with my cake sticking, too. And unfortunately, mine lost its bundt shape all together. But I’m glad you were able to salvage most of yours. The cranberries look so good in this cake. I’m so jealous that you had some. 🙂 Isn’t it great when your creations get snarfed up?

  5. I always spray my pans with Pam and that seems to work. I’m sorry yours stuck, I hate when that happens. But when that happens I always just cut it into pieces to serve and who would know the difference? Besides, it’s the taste that matters. It was delicious! Yours look really good.

  6. Loved this bundt. Yes, it was a good one to call breakfast and in only 2.6 seconds. 😉 Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. I loved this cake too. I used the maple glaze and it was a perfect addition. Glad you enjoyed it! Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. There is NO WAY my kids would touch this – fortunately, I’m taking it to the vet’s office. And this way I won’t have to eat it either.

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  9. My bundts always stick and I spray and spray those things to the point of wondering if I am ingesting more spray than food. I don’t know the secret, maybe it’s my pan. I didn’t make this one as we are frankly pumpkin-ed out and I wasn’t in a mood to figure out a sub since I would be leaving out the nuts and it would be sticking anyway…I just threw in the towel early on this one. You’re a star.

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