TWD: Slacker makes Sables

Missed another recipe – no Pistachio Pear Tart from last week.  I have missed more recipes in the last two months than in did in over 18 months.  Ahhh…well…such is life.  But, I am back for month o’ nuts (as I have dubbed December).  We had the pistachio pear tart and have the oh so nutty cafe volcano cookies and the can’t-make-a-sub-for-nuts pecan pie to look forward to.  I know some of you are salivating but…

I was relieved to have a break from the nuts.  No chance of pecan sables around here.  I made lime and orange.  I used the zest of one fruit for each half of batch of dough.  Frankly, I was hoping for a little more citrus taste but thought they were equally good.  Would have been better dipped in chocolate, natch.

These didn’t blow me away but I am not just a butter cookie lover or a taste of butter lover.  All of my life I wondered who really ate the cookies in those blue tins.  I join this group and discover lots of you were.  Live and learn.

So, thanks to Bungalow Barbara for choosing an easy and nut free cookie.  I will say several got disposed of quickly around here.  Someone likes the butter cookies…

Next week: Cafe Volcano Cookies.  I have -surprise- already made these.  Early reports were troubling, but I am seeking additional opinions.


6 responses to “TWD: Slacker makes Sables

  1. I am a blue tin cookie girl, but only the butter cookies. 🙂 I have been a slacker lately too. This one was so easy and I was so glad!

  2. Haha, these DID taste like those Danish butter cookies from the tin! And I agree, I think that they would be improved with a little dunk in chocolate (but what wouldn’t?) Now on to the next nut recipe…

  3. unplannedcooking

    I want to join in on one of these Tuesdays, but I think I would eat everything in one sitting. It all looks so good!

  4. Did you try these on the second day because the flavour develops? I thought they were fine but my hubby loved them.
    Love your Santa plate!

  5. I love the blue tin butter cookies–with hot cocoa! Way to get it done and have a cute Santa plate to put the cookies on.

  6. Maybe I don’t have as much catching up as I thought b/c I was a bit of a slacker as well…missed three in a row before the sables which I have never done before. Sometimes life just takes over good intentions! Your sables look great, and very sprinkly pretty.

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