TWD: Cafe (not so) Volcano Cookies

Well…..these certainly were nutty, weren’t they?  What mine weren’t were in any emblematic of a volcano or crater.  I must have messed up something somewhere – which kind of boggles because this recipe was about as simple as they come.   I suppose someone has to be on the wrong end of the bell curve.  But, the pictures don’t lie.

I, of course, made no effort to taste test these.  Jamie gave it a go and ate…one.  ONE.  Never a good sign.  I took them to work and made my colleague taste one before I set them out for public consumption.  The bad news:  she called them “interesting.”   The good news:  they reminded her a little of peanut brittle which her husband loves.  She took the whole bag home to him.  I never got a follow-up report and I probably won’t ask.  In my mind, they went to a loving home and were gobbled up with glee.  Why let the truth ruin things?

The full recipe is at the Lonely Sidecar by MacDuff.  Next week:  Pecan pie.  This nut thing?  It never ends.


9 responses to “TWD: Cafe (not so) Volcano Cookies

  1. I think yours look great! I might even make them again – and follow the recipe this time.

  2. funny, I had people say they liked these but only one took more than one. strange. 🙂

  3. “Interesting” is never a word you want to hear when someone is describing something you made.

    Eh, mine flopped terribly, but I’m not going to bother with them again.

    psst – and the pecan pie? I made it, gave it to my parents, and it ended up in the trash. What does that tell you?

  4. They look great, send them over here! We liked these a lot (can we still be frends?). As a matter of fact, I made a half batch as I thought maybe the guys would not like them as they can be rather finicky about nuts IN things, but they inhaled them…I didn’t even get a chance to get a photo of the taste tester this week. Best part: we liked them and they were easy! I have some catching up to do over here, as I have been negligent these past weeks, so here I go….be prepared for commenting flurry.

  5. I think yours look like the rest of ours. Definitely a taste you have to like to appreciate these. I keep eating them, but only because nuts are good for you, right, and other than that they are fat free! Oh, I so love my reasoning for all things.
    You don’t like nuts. Hmmm, what kind of twist can there be on pecan pie without nuts???? I’ll be thinking for you! 😉

  6. Hey, just for kicks, I googled pecan pie with no pecans. found a recipe at allrecipes that has no pecans because someone loves the rest of a pecan pie, but not the nuts. They used 1 cup of oats. Just an idea. You can look it up on allrecipes. Or you can skip next week all together. Or make the pie as written and not eat any. Really, I don’t know why I’m telling you what you can do. It’s more just being lazy and sitting at the computer instead of putting groceries away after just getting home from shopping.
    Okay, I suppose I’ll shut up now.

  7. Well, they look good! 🙂 We just finished making some cornmeal cookies for our son’s preschool holiday program. I hope they’re good, because with all the dough we ate, we didn’t have enough cookies left to try one.

  8. Interesting is how I described them in my post… These definitely weren’t my favorite… Your photo is lovely, even if you didn’t love the cookies!

  9. Your cookies look perfect. I guess people either love these or hate them. I loved them!

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