TWD: Fine Pecan Pie

If you are reading this, you probably know that I don’t like nuts.  So, maybe you are surprised I bothered to make this at all.  I am.  But, I decided to leave my slacker ways behind for the moment and, besides, at this point what is one more little pie on top of the cookies, brownies and cheesecakes I am churning out?

My lovely spouse informed me last week when I was debating the pecan pie that he actually likes pecan pie.  I guess I should have guessed that since he is one of the 2.3 people out there who look forward to Christmas fruitcake – that stuff is always chock full of pecans.  So, I forged ahead with a little 6 in. pie made in my springform.  Then I stared at him while he ate it.  He started laughing and said he knew what I was waiting for – a reaction for the blog.  Yup.  His words that he insist I translate precisely, “a little dessicated but still a symphony o’ flavor.”  (he was very specific on the “o”).  If you can’t hear the sarcastic tone, then you don’t know him well.

In reality, he said it was fine.  Fine is his response to pretty much everything I make.  So, there you go.  Fine could be fine or fine could be good.  Probably doesn’t mean great but, frankly, I never know.  I know fine doesn’t mean ick cuz we have been down that road before.  There is the legendary carrot pancake of ’96 that was not fine.

For the full recipe, check out someone’s in the kitchen with brina.

Next week:  lush chocolate cheesecake.  Let’s hope so!

9 responses to “TWD: Fine Pecan Pie

  1. That is some fine pie! 😉
    You’re pretty cool to make it. One of my friends hates ALL nuts so much she almost gags just thinking about them. I can’t even imagine since I love them all so much!
    Have a wonderful holiday!

  2. This was a marvelous pie. But if all I got was a “fine,” I think I’d stop baking altogether!

  3. Fine must have meant really good, since he ate it! Mine ended up in the trash since I don’t think it was baked long enough.

    PS – the chocolate cheesecake is good – really good.

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  4. How sweet of you to make it for him! My husband’s answer is usually “great” :). Never know exactly what it means.

  5. Interesting to make it in a springform pan — i’ll have to try that!

  6. my husband also always responds with “fine” or “alright” it drives me crazy!!

  7. Looks delicious.
    Have a wonderful new year ahead!

    from Occasional Baker

  8. I’ll take “fine”. Well done!
    Seasons Greeting to you and your family!

  9. I got a “so-so” out of my hubby. He has liked other cheesecakes I have baked better than he liked this one. Of course, it didn’t stop him from eating it every night for several days. 🙂

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