TWD: Happy Birthday Cake

Do you know what stinks?  Having your birthday on December 26th (unless, of course, it is on the 24th or 25th then the 26th might look good).  You know what stinks more?  A snowstorm on your birthday that cancels your already modest plans.  This is where my sweet just-turned-8 yr. old found himself this year.  We try to make sure his birthday doesn’t get lost in the holiday excesses but it was tough this year. 

We had to postpone a trip to Nebraska and dinner at his favorite restaurant with his cousins.  Even his local grandparents couldn’t make it over for various weather related reasons.  At the last minute, the four of us decided we would go to our favorite neighborhood joint that is 2 blocks away.  We considered pulling the kids on the sled but the wind was not a gentle blowing breeze if you know what I mean.  It wasn’t quite what we expected but we told him it will be a birthday he will remember.

All celebrating was done in the evening of a rather dark and dreary day…feel free to snicker at the awesomeness of my decorating skills.

What we did have was a big ol’ Chocolate Birthday Cake, courtesy of TWD.  It is our second anniversary!  It is hard to believe this baking madness started two years ago.  Harder still to believe that I have been in the fray since April 2008.  Amazingly, since I am firm believer in multiple taste tests, my pants still fit.

We had a choice of recipes:  Cocoa Buttermilk Birthday Cake or Tarte Tatin.  Honestly, the tarte tatin sounded great but the timing of the birthday cake was too convenient to pass up.  If I weren’t still reeling from the devouring of the chocolate cheesecake, I probably would have made both.

This cake was actually the second recipe I made from the book back in April 2008 and I had kind of forgotten about it.  I remember I didn’t love it.  I assumed at the time it was my lack of skill.  Almost two years later and I still have the same opinion.  It is very similar to the chocolate cupcakes.  I think this style of cake is just not my favorite.   But the kids ate it and ate it and ate it…

 Please ignore the broken window shade.  Some mystery child tampered with it right before Christmas.  Replacing it hasn’t been a priority on the to-do list.

Visit Laurie, the one who started it all, for the recipe.  Thanks Laurie!

Next week:  we break out the oil for some fried dough.


10 responses to “TWD: Happy Birthday Cake

  1. Im so glad you stuck with me all this time. Its a joy having you in the group. The cake looks fantastic, my boys love to decorate the tops too. Too cute!

  2. It always feels like a visit with a dear friend when I come to check your goodies…you have a way of making everything so personable and fun and special. Love the photos of the kiddos…my they are growing in the past year! Your cake looks truly special and birthday-worthy! What a champ to roll with the punches of the date, the weather, the cancellations, etc. Happy Birthday…it’s Great to be 8…and even more divine to be on your way to 9!

  3. Don’t you think he gets twice as many gifts around that time? My mom’s b-day is the 23rd and we always thought she scored!
    Ok, I’ll have to admit, I thought you let your son decorate the cake. I love your swirl job with the frosting!
    Yep, blizzards kind of stink. That said, we’re supposed to get anywhere from 2-6 inches tomorrow! Sigh.
    I didn’t care for this cake either, but it also got eaten! And the tarte is de-lish, so you’ll have to make it sometime.

  4. Oh yum the cake looks so good. My daughters bday is the stinks when there teens and want to have ALL their friends over and most of them can’t cus it’s DEC. and busy.

  5. You are hilarious! I just threw some start sprinkles on the top and called it good. My hubby would have loved the orange slices around the bottom though. 🙂 Glad this was a winner!

  6. I love the pictures. Everything looks so fun and yummy- TWD is the best! 🙂

  7. I feel your pain! All 3 of our kids were born within 2 weeks of Christmas. It’s hard for us not to feel lost in the shuffle! I think next year we need to be much more organized when the holidays approach. Love the cake!

  8. Did your brain and my brain secretly meet and write out these posts? Because we had the exact same thought process on this. Sigh – I just left a note on Katrina’s blog that the only chocolate cake recipe I’ll use anymore is Ina Garten’s. It never turns out dry.

    With that being said, I think I’m going to try the tarte for next week – even though we are supposed to be breaking out the oil!

    PS – your boys are just too cute!

  9. I love the way you decorated his cake and that you spelled out his name in candy! What is that?? Good-n-Fruity?? Oh, yeah…I know my candy.
    Lots of mixed reviews on this cake. If I try it, I’ll be sure to cut the recipe in half.

    PS Happy Birthday, Will!

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