TWD: Farvigscherben

When my grandma was growing up poor in the 1910s and 1920s, her family ate a lot of what they called “roll-ups.”  They used inexpensive ingredients and were amazingly adaptable.   She was amazed to find out decades later that her humble roll-ups were known to the rest of the Western world as crepes.  Growing up, we still called them roll-ups and filled them with PB & J.

The moral of the story:  sometimes humble ingredients meld together beautifully into something you will choose to eat long after you can afford to stop eating it.  And, then, sometimes they don’t.  And that is where I found myself with the scherben.  I made a full batch (the ingredient list was too small to even bother with the reduction math) but baked half and fried half.  I was feeling strangely motivated on Friday…Could be because we are covered in snow and it was a whopping 3 degrees that day.*

I didn’t get finished pictures of the baked but you can see how much flatter they are.

Small disclaimer:  My thermometer is obviously not worth the space it takes up in my catch-all kitchen drawer.  It wasn’t even close to 350 degrees when I decided to test one.  The first poor little scherben practically burned up on the spot.  Needless to say, I had difficulty finding the perfect temperature to get them crisp but not black.  Anyhoooo, I doused both batches with cinnamon sugar and then completely covered them with powdered sugar.

And you know what?  They tasted like something you would make if you were desperate for something sweet, not like something you would make for its particular enjoyment.  I was reminded of those diet soda/box mix cupcakes.  You know, the ones people make when they are counting calories but need a sweets fix.  As a substitute, they are just fine.  As a stand alone cupcake: no thanks.  Somehow, I doubt the scherben lovers will gladly adopt the slogan:  Scherben – fine for when you can’t afford anything else.  But that is the way I will think of them.

Visit Teanna at Spork or Foon for the recipe.  Her blog is very funny.

Next week:  Chocolate oatmeal almost candy bars.  I am looking forward to these…

You would stay in and bake too…

9 responses to “TWD: Farvigscherben

  1. Haha! You are funny too! 🙂 I would definitely stay in and bake as well!

  2. Farvigscherben!!! LOVE IT!!!!!

  3. I love this post. You are too funny. Love the title! And you’re so right. And the snow, ugh, the snow, I’m so tired of the snow–and the cold. At least we’re getting a little break this week with temps in the 20’s and 30’s. Sigh!

  4. I photographed mine out in the snow. I agree not the greatest cookie, but still a cookie. On to sweeter desserts next week!

  5. Well, I have to tell you, these were a big hit with the teenage boys. They were eating them as fast as I was frying them and dusting them in powdered sugar. I had two…one to taste and then one b/c they tasted so blistery sugary swell…LOL. Misdemeanor, not a crime, I think. Anyway, sorry you didn’t have such a fav review, especially since you took the time to do both techniques of cooking up their little selves! Your backyard photo looks depressingly like mine…I am definitely over winter.

  6. The title cracked me up! I didn’t even attempt these this week. I made a cake instead.

  7. They look phenomenal! And I hope they kept you warm in that COLD weather! Thanks for frying and baking with me this week!

  8. Oh my gosh – look at all that snow!

    I’d stay in and bake too – but definitely not farfegnugen (remember those VW commercials?)

  9. Oh my gosh, I couldn’t agree with you more! I felt like a freak because everyone else loved these and I thought they were meh. Glad that I have company in their mediocrity!

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