TWD: Rick Katz’s Brownies for Julia (or how I learned to drink a brownie)

I posted this in a hurry…I am pretty sure I have less blurry picture somewhere…

Alternate Titles for this post:

It’s alive!  IT’S ALIVE!

After the first cooking and cooling period, I tried to remove a brownie.  The remaining brownies immediately oozed into the formerly empty space.  I wish I had an adequate picture, but it was late.  You can see below the difference in the corner where the brownies oozed out.  I lost track of how long I cooked these.  I tried to pop them back in after the oozing incident.  My crust was definitely done long before I could ever get the brownies to set.  I gave up and went with Plan B.

Brownies: the missing manual.

In my mind, I didn’t screw these up; Dorie clearly left out the instructions to pop them in the freezer.  Patty and I sampled the ooze and found it rather tasty.  Not wanting to spoon them out of the pan like pudding, I decided to give them a little “rest” in the cool air of the freezer in the hopes it would improve things.  It did.

Why go simple when you can complicate things.

I loved these brownies cold.  I really did.  Gooey – fudgy – chocolatey – in short, everything a brownie should be.  That said, they seemed awfully complicated for a brownie.  This recipe reminded me of those ridiculous guitar solos or vocal gymnastics that don’t complement the song.  The artist throws them in because they can.  I feel like Rick Katz makes brownies this way because he can.  He has skills, people, and you are going to see them, necessary or not.  I loved these but I don’t know that they are such a great leap forward in brownie world to justify the 27 steps and even more pans.  If I am making brownies, chances are it’s because I am looking for something simple yet satisfying.

Variations:  The freezer baby!

Bottom Line: These were great, even if Will was turned off after the goo and never went back (more for the rest of us!).  Will I make them again?  Good question.  I’ll let you know if I am ever finished cleaning all the dishes.

The full recipe is at Chocolatechic.

Next week:  Chocolate chip cookies.  Let the debate carry on.


4 responses to “TWD: Rick Katz’s Brownies for Julia (or how I learned to drink a brownie)

  1. Brownie shots for everyone!

    I’ll tell you something I didn’t post – because I made such a small amount of brownies, I didn’t bother with the whipping/separating business. I came, I melted, I blended, I baked. End of story. And you know what? They were still awesome.

  2. Yay for the freezer. I’ve made many things photograph-able after a hlaf hour in the freezer. Well done!

  3. I’m with you, they are good, but there’s that whole extra bowl and beaters to wash issue that I can’t quite get past when we’re talking about brownies. Brownies are supposed to be easy.

  4. Whew! I am so glad you said that about the missing freezer instructions. Everyone has been saying that they chilled them or froze them and I am like, “what? where was that tid-bit of info?” I baked mine twice because I had a goo incident, too. Still good though and I will most likely make them again!

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