TWD: Honey-Wheat cookies (aka Lipton as a solid)

Wheat on the left; oat on the right

Sometimes I am an idiot.

English is my native tongue and I have been reading for well over 30 years.  But sometimes the pertinent items just slide right past me.  Like the time I was sure the invitation said the party started at four only to realize it ended at four.

In this instance, I saw the name of the cookies and a few key ingredients and started to get enthused.  I love whole wheat!  Had I been paying attention I would have given a little more thought to the combination of lemon zest and honey.  Someone said the cookies reminded them of tea with honey and lemon.  They were right.  I don’t like tea with honey and lemon.  In fact, I don’t think I am on the lemon zest love train at all.

I love lemon…when lemon is the star of the show (lemon meringue pie, lemon cake, lemon yogurt…).  But I am almost always put off by the addition of lemon zest to non-lemony goods.  The lemon flavor is overpowering.  I usually leave it out completely or reduce the amount significantly.  I did neither.  And lived to regret it.

I think I had in my mind that these would be a heartier, spicier cookie.  Considering there isn’t one spice listed, I have come to the conclusion that I am an idiot.  I liked these OK but not as much as I think I can.  I want to love these a little more.  So, I am going to play around.  Maybe add some orange zest in place of the lemon and throw in some cinnamon or something.  I’ll keep you posted.


I actually made two batches, one with wheat bran and one with oat bran.  I didn’t have wheat germ on hand.  The cookies looked different – the oat bran cookie was smoother.  But, the taste difference was negligible.  Because I only had the bran, I skipped rolling the cookies in it.  That seemed a little much.  Next time, I will try with wheat germ.

bottom line:  good but could be better (for me).   Will tasted one and said, “too much wheat for me.”   I left a plate of them in a kitchen at work and left for the day without ever checking back to see if anyone ate them.  Who am I kidding?  I am sure they were gone.  You could put a plate of week old half eaten bagels out around here and someone would grab one.

Next week:  coconut custard tart.  There are TWO coconut recipes this month.  If I make both, you will know I am really dedicated.  But don’t be surprised if you see a variation of these cookies one week instead…

The full recipe is Flourchild by Michelle.


12 responses to “TWD: Honey-Wheat cookies (aka Lipton as a solid)

  1. LOL! You’re not an idiot, we all do stuff like this don’t we? I liked them ok too, not my fave, but they were ok and they are almost gone. So others in the house liked them as well.

  2. Ha ha! I am a selective reader too, but usually with the instructions. I used maple syrup and skipped the lemon zest, and they were really tasty.

  3. I ate several cookies and never could decide if I liked them. I guess I did or I would have stopped sooner.

  4. I am totally a half-assed reader a good bit of the time. That is kind of scary, given that I am supposed to read things carefully for a living. I’m sorry these weren’t your all-time favorites. I liked the lemon/honey/wheat combo, and I loved the texture, so I enjoyed these (at least the second time around, when I caught my misreading of the recipe in time). Gotta love those office breakrooms – it’s so true that there is nothing, NOTHING that will go uneaten in one of those.

  5. I upped the lemon zest in mine and it is the first thing I taste when I eat one. Yours look lemony! My daughter works in an office like that…she says you can’t put anything on the table that doesn’t get eaten.

  6. I spaced on the directions too – don’t feel bad! I’m not sure I would have liked these will lemon either, but the orange was outstanding and definitely worth the time and effort.

    And I’m not too sure about the tart, either – coconut isn’t insanely popular around here.

  7. Your cookies look good. Thank you for baking along with me this week! Im glad you thought they were OK!!

  8. I still need to try these!

  9. I love the maple and cinnamon combo idea! Next time!

  10. I added the extra lemon and I’m glad I did. I am looking forward to seeing the variations you want to try, though. Thanks for the tip on next weeks recipe. I’ve gotta go check those out!

  11. Am trying to imagine what yours might have tasted like but it is too hard to disassociate what mine tasted like to imagine what yours tasted like. I will say they look very lovely…I figured people would be figuring out ways to add chocolate to these but so far, haven’t seen that yet. LOL on the work/food bit…so true, so true.

  12. Oh, sad story! The lemon was actually my favorite part (hope we can still be friends). Sorry you didn’t love it. I think it could easily be a honey-spice cookie, it definitely had that texture, and spices would go great with the honey flavors. Don’t give up! Keep trying!

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