TWD: Thumbprints for Us Big Guys (emphasis on big cuz they’re easy to inhale)



Yup, thumbprints…

I wish I was creative enough to craft a really great post about a good cookie.  Because that is what these are:  a good cookie.  A cookie you have had before.  A cookie you have probably made before.  A quintessential side of the teacup cookie.  No one in my world has ever broken-up-with-a-boyfriend/gotten-rejected-from-their-top-choice-school/endured-an-ugly-smackdown-at-work and recovered by diving into a vat of thumbprint dough.  Thumbprints are the cookies you eat at showers or nibble off the holiday cookie tray.  You look up with alarm when you realize you have mindlessly eaten six of them in as many minutes, but you don’t wake up the Wednesday after the shower wishing you had stuffed a napkin full of them in your purse for later consumption.

They are the grapes of the cookie world.  I like grapes.  I am happy when they appear in my fruit salad and I have certainly snacked on my fair share.  I have never once walked into the grocery store with a craving for grapes.

Dorie’s thumbprints have a little twist:  they include ground hazelnuts and a dusting of confectioner’s sugar.  Despite my general aversion to nuts* I went with the hazelnuts.  I like Nutella so how bad they could be, right?  Frankly, they were fine.  I am not sure I liked them any more or less with that addition.   The sugar, however, was an inspired addition.


I made a half batch total.  I cooked one cookie sheet right away and filled them with apricot jam.  I chilled the other half for a couple of hours and filled those with some leftover “special” chocolate frosting (it is made with tofu! Don’t tell the kids).  The first batch was better.  The unchilled dough was easier to shape and I preferred the jam filling.  The kids and I had a slumber party at Patty’s (the grandma) on Saturday where she developed a deep affection for the chocolate filled ones.  Degustibus, right?

Bottom line: good cookie – will likely make repeat appearance next December and foisted on family and friends in the name of merriment.

Next week:  soft chocolate and raspberry tart.  The title alone is music to my ears.

* I have discovered as of late that I like almonds.  But not in my baked goods.  I am such a six year old.

9 responses to “TWD: Thumbprints for Us Big Guys (emphasis on big cuz they’re easy to inhale)

  1. Dear Six Year Old…

    You did good with the cookies. Sounds like you’ve found a new way to schmooze the grandma, too. That “special” frosting sounds really tasty and unique! These would definitely be perfect for the holidays. You rock!

  2. What a great analogy to grapes. They’re always on the holiday platter and you always eat them, but I, at least, never think to make them. My kids would love filling these up with frosting though.

  3. Your cookies look great! I used nutella in a couple of my cookies and they were fantastic!

  4. Love the last photo where one is missing! These WERE good! I did Nutella. These are addictive!

  5. They look fantastic, so if you have any left you can send them this way. I won’t tell about the “special” chocolate frosting. I made some “special” chocolate mousse a couple weeks ago and I didn’t disclose what made it special (also tofu).

  6. You must share the chocolate tofu frosting recipe…sounds like it was a hit! I’ve snuck in tofu into puddings, and no one caught on.

    Great job on your cookies…they look wonderful!

  7. LOL on the grapes, I think you are right, now that you mention it, I have never entered anywhere just dying for grapes either. Your first shot of that cookie is a diet-breaker. OMW does that look wonderful!

  8. I’ve been doing a lot of mindless nibbling on these little devils the past few days. I think I need to gift them to friends today so I don’t have the horrible realization later that I ate all four batches! Your cookies look very tasty and make me want to go nibble on my stash some more.

  9. Maybe that’s been my problem in the past when trying to recover from a breakup/smackdown/rejection — I never thought to go for the thumbprint dough. That might have shaved off a solid week or two of moping over the more traditional ice cream/chocolate/listening to the Smiths. They are certainly good to have on hand for that mindless cookie eating, though. Glad they did for you exactly what thumbprints are supposed to do. They look delicious!

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