TWD: Soft chocolate blueberry tart

—my camera decided not to load pics last night and then decided to conveniently have a dead battery this morning.  will try to get pictures loaded soon, but they were nothing special…UPDATE: I found some and tried to save two pictures.  The one of the tart has disappeared.  I give up…

This is what we did this weekend (keep firmly in mind that we are not those DIYers who build custom sock organizers and the like for fun.  Our weekend projects usually consist of half-hearted attempts to attack the laundry pile and futile efforts to keep the markers, crayons, colored pencils, glue sticks, etc. in the art set. You have no idea how stray writing implements haunt my life):

  1. Went to Lowe’s for meager painting supplies and left $200 poorer;
  2. Primed bathroom walls;
  3. Painted bathroom walls;
  4. Touched up bathroom walls where there was – inexplicably – no paint;
  5. Painted bathroom trim, vanity and door;
  6. Cleaned other bathroom;
  7. Explained difference between adverb and adjective to second grader craving attention during said bathroom clean-up;
  8. Cleaned out playroom;
  9. Cleaned out kids’ room;
  10. Boxed up ridiculous number of non-essential items;
  11. Sacrificed one box for clubhouse – see above (think cheap babysitter);
  12. Carried 437 boxes of stuff we think we still need to POD.
  13. Carried muliple bags of stuff we REALLY DON”T NEED to goodwill;
  14. Shuttled 2nd grader to/from birthday party (more cheap babysitting!);
  15. Ate entire soft chocolate blueberry tart;  We deserved it.

We ate most of the tart Saturday evening when it was just shy of room temperature.  Colin asked what was inside.  I hesitated for a long moment and decided against my first (second and third) instinct to lie to him.  To the utter shock and dismay of all, he accepted they were blueberries and pronounced it good.

I had a sneaking suspicion I would like it better cold but between items A-Z above, I missed seconds.  I consoled myself with some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies from the freezer.  But, I heard cold was good.


Yes, that is chocolate crust you see.  I was itching to try it.  Good choice but I think regular would have done the job as well.  Raspberries in March are for wealthy baronesses.  My lowly charges got frozen blueberries.

Bottom line:  good but I wanted it to be more chocolatey.  This new person I have become would have preferred all bittersweet chocolate.  If I wake up tomorrow with a sudden urge to craft a multi-tiered sock organizer, please call the doctor.

Next week: dulce de leche duos.  I have never used that particular ingredient.  If I haven’t accidentally boxed up my oven, I am in!  For this week’s recipe visit Rachelle at Mommy, I’m Hungry.

6 responses to “TWD: Soft chocolate blueberry tart

  1. You are one busy lady! I bet blueberries tasted wonderful with the chocolate!

  2. You deserved that slice you had, plus more, and the cookie dough! Home projects are black holes that we throw money into and then dive in after it.

  3. Blueberries and chocolate sound delicious! You had a really busy weekend, you really did deserve a treat after all you achieved!

  4. Are you still wondering around your house just staring at all you accomplished? What productivity! Good thing you had such a tasty tart to celebrate your accomplishments with.

  5. Blueberries sound delicious! I am not a wealthy baroness, but I did come across some gorgeous raspberries and snatched them up for my tart. 🙂

  6. So glad I’m not the only one who has issues with technology. Wow, sounds like a busy weekend you had there. I tackled a few closets and really felt like a new person afterwards. I can only imagine the exhilaration that a fresh cost of paint would bring! Glad everyone liked these – and next time, you can go ahead and use all bittersweet . . .

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