TWD: Coconut Lime Tea Cake (it smelled good…)

So, I actually have pictures for this one.  A victory to be sure.

It was late when I finished and I had to pack it up early.   This is the best I got.

I made this earlier in the month when my mother-in-law had her knee replaced.  My husband went up to Nebraska to stay with her for a few days and I loaded him down with food for the both of them.  I decided that since we weren’t huge coconut lovers, sending the cake up to her was the only justification I had for making it this month.

We don’t cook with this much.  I used it in beans and rice once and was almost burned in effigy.

The only problem with sending a TWD creation to someone that has just undergone major surgery is that it is difficult to get a full review.  She was tired (duh) when he picked her up from the hospital and they didn’t cut into it.  The meds made her sick to her stomach the next couple of days and she didn’t eat much of anything.  It just didn’t seem appropriate to query, “How is your mother doing?  Has she started physical therapy?  Is anyone going to eat my  #^&%* cake?”

I assumed she could pack it in her freezer for the numerous visitors to come.  But she sent half home with my husband, who, in fairness, did eat a small slice after a day or two solely for review purposes.  The half that came back here got good reviews from my mom.  My sister-in-law ate some in NE and asked for the recipe.  It was DAYS later so it must keep well.

Variations:  I went with the coconut/lime version.  Apparently, that worked.

Bottom Line:  Very moist.  Very easy.  Smelled great.

House Update:  on the market.  We have had lots of showings but no one seems to appreciate its charms just yet.  Keep your fingers crossed cuz I don’t know how long we can keep it spotless with the small people who live with us.  The other day, I glanced in a bathroom before a showing and noticed that one of them had a left a little “present” in the toilet.  That’s not going to sell the house.

Next week: mocha (no) walnut bundt cake.  My kitchen activity has decreased CONSIDERABLY since this house nonsense started, but I might make this for Easter.

18 responses to “TWD: Coconut Lime Tea Cake (it smelled good…)

  1. Looks great! I also made the coconut lime version.

  2. I loved this cake and can’t wait to try it with lime!

  3. A lovely and well-travelled cake!

  4. put th elime in the coke u nut. 🙂 Sorry, I ‘m lame. That sounds delicious and Iam glad it kept well! Good luck with the house!

  5. Your cake looks so good. I like the lime idea. I hope your house sells quickly and your MIL feels better!

  6. looks good! nice job this week. how nice, i’m sure she’ll love it.

  7. Oh, Kelly, I’m feeling your pain about the house being on the market! I’ll be hoping it sells fast for you! Ours sold here in Lawrence one week after we put it on the market. We were happily surprised it went that fast. That was the worst though, keeping it spotless. Now it’s just gone right back to pot (jk). I’m ready to just get out of it and not worry so much about the kids being on the new carpet or touching the newly painted walls, etc.
    Your stories about your TWD adventures always crack me up. I made minis, which I transported to Utah nicely.

  8. Such a tale of the traveling cake. Dorie mentioned it holds well! Good luck with your house.

  9. Good luck with the house. Hope it sells fast!

    I guess if a sister asks for the recipe it must be a winner. 🙂

  10. Hope your MIL is feeling better and getting around well these days. That said, I completely understand the (admittedly irrational) frustration that comes when people won’t just eat our darn desserts and report back to us in a timely fashion. We have deadlines to meet here! Sending you more good vibes on the house-selling front. Gosh, I won’t soon forget how not fun that whole process was. Hoping it all goes smoothly for you.

    Your cake looks great!

  11. I hope your MIL is having a good recovery! Thanks for baking with me even with so much going on in your life! Good luck with the house. 🙂

  12. Good luck with selling the house! Gotta love the “presents” in the bathroom, huh? 🙂 Hope your MIL is feeling better. The cake was very good!

  13. It’s … uh … shiny! But I’m sure it was delicious!

  14. Looks great under cello! 🙂 Hoping all goes well with MIL – I’m sure she appreciated the gesture – and glad your husband got a slice as well!

  15. you are so sweet to make it for you MIL. glad it was liked.

    i am trying it today for Easter. hope it turns out.

  16. Just getting caught up during some down time away on spring break. Matt’s looking at colleges. Your cake looks great, and I love the post, giggled over several things, you are such a good writer. Hope that by this time your house is sold! We are going to be downsizing when the boys head off to college in 18 months, but at least I won’t have little ones around when trying to show this house. YIKES, new respect for ALL you do!

  17. Looks really good, I will need to bake this when I return, I think, and am mulling around that whole chocolate chip thing you suggested, guys would so appreciate that! Love the Questionnaire. I think you have a budding prosecutor on your hands.

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