TWD: Quick Classic Berry Tart (you, too, can make a decent looking dessert)

The good news:  We loved this tart.  It was absolutely beautiful and just as tasty.  This one could almost fool me into believing I can make pretty desserts.  Almost.  I made it a few weeks ago after I realized I had purchased a metric ton of berries from Costco (yes, that means camera photos).  I had planned on adding some liqueur to the pastry crème but realized that I only had vodka and beer in the house.  Exactly.  Neither was a tempting possibility.  It was not important enough to justify a trip to the store so no added flavor.  It would be embarrassing to tell you how quickly we ate it.  Just know that we  were in no way testing the limits of freshness with this one.

The bad news:  (relatively) I have nothing else to say about this one.  My creative writing skills haven’t gotten me far in life, and they are tapped out when something turns out like I expected with no obstacles along on the way.

So, what else shall we talk about?

It was 49 degrees here today.  May, right?

Do you love Glee as much as I do?  I pretend I can sing like Kristin Chenowith until my sons remind me that what is coming out of my mouth does NOT sound like what is going through my head.

I drank more rum in Puerto Rico than I have in this entire millennium.  Have you had a mango colada?  You should.

Variations: none

Bottom Line:  Very good.  very easy.  very pretty.

Next week:  apple apple bread pudding.  I must (MUST) put my math skills to work on this one.  Those mango coladas?  Not calorie free, I understand.

For this week’s recipe visit Cooking with Cristine.  Now that I am back in the regular swing of things, I am hoping to actually see some other tarts this week!


14 responses to “TWD: Quick Classic Berry Tart (you, too, can make a decent looking dessert)

  1. Your tart looks very good. I used the same fruit but didn’t place it as nicley as yours. I kinda dumped and scattered!

  2. Your tart looks great…I am a huge fan of Glee/Kristin Chen. too..she rocks.

  3. Im glad you enjoyed the tart! I was not so easy to make but sure tasted good!

  4. Looks lovely, so impressive. Probably wise not go with the beer at least in that tart, although there might be combinations that could work with that possibly. And, after a few of those mango drinks, who would know anyway? Sounds like you had a great time. Your tart looks wonderful.

  5. Just glad we don’t live in Oklahoma right now! In the time we’ve lived in “tornado alley”, I can’t believe how much the storms just seem to go right around Lawrence, KS (haven’t seen much in KC either).

    But lets talk about the tart. Glad you found such success and it looks great! I played around, being lame and making instand pudding instead of the pastry cream. I just felt I couldn’t risk the calories. Made a couple of cute little minis that were really good!

  6. I wish my baking had gone as smoothly as yours! I had plenty to talk about! Can’t wait for Glee tonight!

  7. Your tart looks so pretty! We didn’t test the freshness, either. It lasted MAYBE 3 hours! 🙂 Thanks for baking with me!

  8. Your tart looks much better than just decent! I made small ones, and they disappeared pretty quickly too!

  9. Your tart looks great!! I loved this!

  10. I agree–this recipe is a keeper! Yours looks delicious! 🙂

  11. Ciao ! Love your post !And tart

  12. Beatiful tart. Funny post. Nuff said….

  13. The tart looks great. And i love love love glee. Although we are seriously behind!

  14. I used blackberries as well – just 3. 🙂 Loved this tart as well – and it’s so good, there’s just not enough to say about it! Nicely done!

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