TWD: Banana (not) Coconut Cream (not) Pie

Rachael Ray has entered the building.

My sundae is the move equivalent of Salieri.  Work with me on this one. 

If you are my age, you no doubt have seen the move Amadeus.  How do I know this?  Because we didn’t have the internet where we could whittle away hours on Facebook and Youtube.  We went to movies and watched TV instead.  And what was on TV?  Older movies.  So, you’ve seen it.  If you didn’t see it (whippersnapper), the move is a biopic about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.  The narrative arc of the movie is the relationship between Mozart and his fellow composer Anton Salieri. 

I happened to be watching this movie on tv just last night and, in one of those odd coincidences, I heard a music historian discussing Salieri just last week.  In the movie, Salieri is portrayed as someone who understands Mozart’s genius but his jealousy of said genius drives him to undermine Mozart’s career.  Apparently, this isn’t the way it happened.  So, (shockingly!) the movie version of Salieri bears some resemblance to the real man but really isn’t the same person at all.

Kind of like my sundae.  You can see the TWD inspiration in my work but it really isn’t a banana coconut pie is it?  It is a sundae with shortbread cookies, bananas and PB instead of bananas and rum, and chocolate ice cream.

The recipe wasn’t so much baking as assembling so I took some liberties.  And, it was damn good. 

were a movie, you would see the  caption “inspired by a true story.”

Next week:  white chocolate brownies.  I try to get to as many recipes as I can but, truthfully, this is a big maybe for me.

4 responses to “TWD: Banana (not) Coconut Cream (not) Pie

  1. Nothing wrong with Sal…I’ve seen the movie a lot, too. And, his music is good, very very good…and so your variation looks lovely as well.

  2. I made some drastic changes, too! That it was good to you is what is important, huh.

  3. yum! impvor is always fun and often delish

  4. I love improvisational inspiration! You should keep the crust recipe from this pie in mind, however, unless there are coconut issues that would make it unappealing. The crust was the best part about the pie.

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