TWD: My own tribute White Chocolate Raspberry Brownies

I didn’t get this posted last week so I am playing catch up.

There were a million reasons not to make these brownies.  A sampling:

1)      It was a holiday weekend.

2)      It was a holiday weekend and I didn’t bake ahead.

3)      I am in the middle of one of my busiest times of the year at work.

4)      They are “white” chocolate brownies.  The quotes are not accidental.

But then I was handed one very good reason to squeeze these in.  My almost 97 yr old grandmother passed away that week.  The same grandma who showered us with food.  The one who made homemade mustard and introduced me to roll-ups with peanut butter and jelly (which I later learned were crepes to most people).  The same woman who loved it when we realized we had both made the same cookie recipe from the newspaper one day.  The grandma who knew (and honored) everyone’s likes and dislikes.  Not everyone will leave a 1/5 of the brownie frosting plain for you and your equally nut averse cousin.  My mother tried for years to make something out of something in the kitchen with mixed success.  Sophie could make something out of nothing blindfolded with several yapping kids at her feet.

If there was anyone on this earth who inspired me to see my kitchen as a manifestation of my love, support, and friendship, it was her.  So, how could I possibly skip?

These weren’t my favorite (see #4 above) and they were tricky to get right but I was able to share them with a few of my favorite people.  Who am I to complain?

Because her death was neither unexpected or untimely, we “celebrated her life” with a family pool party.  She would have loved it.


6 responses to “TWD: My own tribute White Chocolate Raspberry Brownies

  1. Those brownies looks yummy…ummm.

  2. Aw, sorry your grandma is no longer here. Sounds like a great lady. I hope my life is celebrated not mourned when I’m gone, great idea.
    “White” chocolate brownies not my fave either.

  3. Great tribute to your grandmother. I am so sorry for your loss. Even when we know intellectually that they’ve lived a full life (my grandmother passed away at 93), it still leaves a great void in the hearts of those of us who loved them. I bet your grandmother is happy that you went ahead and baked the white chocolate brownies. 🙂 What a great way to celebrate her life!!

  4. Truly a heartfelt tribute to your precious grandmother. I love how you treasured her and respected her life. I know the memories for you will be with you for a lifetime. Especially as you bake along with her in the kitchen. “-) Funny how grandmother’s words are always with us. The kids will remember her happily as well.
    Thanks for sharing
    PS I’m a dark chocolate fan…..’nuf said? hehe

  5. What a wonderful way to celebrate your grandmother’s life. She sounds like a very special lady.

  6. Oh, now I am so envious of these brownies, because I DID want them to be my favorite and I was so looking forward to all those ingredients, it just had my name written all over it. However, I did something wrong, they didn’t set, they fell apart, etc., and what I really wanted was for them to look exactly like yours!!! They look lovely. Hugs for you and the boys with the loss of your grandmother. I had my grandmothers a long time, too, and even knew two of my great-grandmothers. Always a hard loss…grandmothers are just so special b/c they just love you all the time, no matter what you parents said about your hair or your skirt or your posture or whatever, Grandmothers always think you are absolutely perfect. Somehow the feeling of perfection leaves with them, so the loss is huge. Funny thing…my parents think my boys are absolute perfection…things I know they didn’t appreciate in me, they find absolutely charming in my boys. It’s the Grandmother Thing. Cheers to the memories of yours!

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