TWD: Summer is Heeerrrre Shortcakes

These shortcakes exist purely out of luck.  Don’t misunderstand.  I wanted to make them.  You had me at berries and cream.  Never a disappointing combination.

No, the hesitation is the fault of my faulty air conditioner.  Thursday evening we noticed it was rather warm in the house.  Uncomfortably warm.  After a night spent upstairs, it was clear that something wasn’t working.  Because our house is on the market, we have a home warranty at the moment.  We called the company Friday morning and they couldn’t make it until Monday.  Oh joy.

Of course, Friday and Saturday were the hottest days of the year so far.  Hello mid 90s, how nice to see you again.  After a VERY uncomfortable night on the living room floor, we fled the house on Saturday for a full 24 hours.  When we returned on Sunday the temperature had mercifully cooled down to the low 80s.  Had it remained in the 90s there would have been no baking of any kind.   (Did i mention we had our house painted two weeks ago and now all of the windows are painted shut?  good timing).

What I learned this weekend:

1)      I am a huge fan of air conditioning.  I sort of suspected this already after living in Phoenix for a time but now there is no doubt.  For years my glib answer to the question of why I am a vegetarian has been “it makes me feel less guilty about turning on my AC.”  The (soy) chickens have come home to roost.  My dependence on AC is now fact and not theory.

2)      Children love hotel rooms.  Any hotel room.  We were offered a free hotel room on Saturday night which we immediately accepted.  There was no pool, no fitness center and my kids wanted to stay forever.

3)      I have a new “go to” shortcake recipe.  This recipe was too easy to be that good.  We gobbled down our shortcakes in gratitude for the temperate evening.  Jamie pronounced them “very good” (and immediately told me to quote him).  These were the perfect way to end a “fun filled” weekend.

For the full recipe, visit Cathy.  I would visit even if you don’t need the recipe, the woman brings the funny.

Next week: Raisin swirl bread.  I should have probably made this in my heat filled kitchen but I don’t think that far ahead.

8 responses to “TWD: Summer is Heeerrrre Shortcakes

  1. I’m a big fan of short cakes, it’s so simple and my family adore them. I can’t wait to try the recipe from your link.

  2. I’m a huge “FAN” of AC’s, too! (ha, get it, “fan”.) jk
    I’d have not stayed in the house either. We lived in Tucson for 5 years. I’m torn between HOT, HOT dry heat or hot humid heat–which is worse? Hmmm. I’m moving to Utah–it snowed on May 24 there!
    These were definitely good, quick, easy shortcakes!

  3. “Jamie pronounced them “very good” (and immediately told me to quote him).”

    Oh man, your husband and my husband would get along just great!!

    I am so glad you liked these shortcakes! Not glad about your air conditioning woes, though. We had to replace one of our units a couple of years ago, and the other one is on deathwatch (it’s 27 years old). I am just willing it to get us through this summer. Also, I’m glad to get confirmation that a pool-less, rec-centerless hotel can be dream vacation for the kiddos. We’re supposed to be spending a week vacationing in the heart of oil spill country next month, so I am trying to cook up a plan B, and the Hampton Inn 8 miles down the road (between McDonald’s and Arby’s) might be just the ticket.

    Really glad that the stars aligned and you were able to make the shortcakes, and that you enjoyed them to boot. Thanks for baking along with me this week!

    OH, one more thing (in what will now become the longest comment ever) — I made the fresh mango bread again last week for a “ladies’ lunch.” It was a huge hit. I’d forgotten how good that is . . .

  4. Kudos for powering through the lack of A/C! I do without it most times, but it doesn’t get too much above 90* in Wisconsin. Oh, and nice looking shortcakes 🙂

  5. scrumptious! nice plate too, tres cute.

  6. They look so good!

  7. YAY for AC!!! No worries here. I lived in TX for 13 years and you just don’t “not” have AC at all. Serious job security in that business.
    So glad you were able to wing it and get through the weekend. Way to go.
    The shortcakes, well those are the best in my book… super simple. Can even bake from the freezer for a quick go-to-impressive and simple summer dessert. Do I sound like a salesman? hehe
    Nicely done.

  8. Oh, yeah, air conditioning…can’t imagine doing without it anymore, but I grew up without it and didn’t think much about it. Love your shortcakes, they look so great with all those berries. This was a big hit here, can’t be making these too often as I would want to indulge too often. They were that good.

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