TWD: Dressy (for some) Chocolate Loaf Cake

So, even a lazy half-hearted blog can influence the way my family reacts to my baking.  I made the Dressy Loaf Cake on Saturday night (pre-father’s day since we were going to be gone on Father’s Day.  That is a disappointing story maybe best saved for another time).  I asked Will what he thought and this was his response, “I liked the cake but had some issues with the frosting.”  Issues?  Who says that?  More specifically, what 8 yr old boy says that?  I’ll tell you…an 8 yr old boy who can’t just eat his cake in peace because his mother must have reviews to report.  That’s who.

I do, however, have to agree with his “issues.”  The cake was good; loved the jam in middle (some Cherry, Pomegranate, Kiwi blend from Costco).  The frosting was a little too tangy for me.  I think I would substitute a fudgy frosting next time. 

PS  did you see the cake plate up top?  Sorry, even though I made this cake within about a hare’s breath of the longest day of the year, I still managed to finish it in the dark.  You’ll have to settle for the mangled version.  Anyhoo, the cake plate!  It is my fifth attempt at owning one.  My dear dad purchased it for me for $2 at a church garage sale.  Will it last long enough for me to get his money’s worth?  Jury is still out on that one.

Bottom Line:  good cake; meh frosting.  The full recipe is at Amy Ruth Bakes.

Next week:  rum drenched vanilla cakes.  We have a family reunion coming up this weekend.  Vanilla cakes are definitely in the wait and see how exhausted I am category.


12 responses to “TWD: Dressy (for some) Chocolate Loaf Cake

  1. Love the cake plate! Who doesn’t love those kind of pieces, the loved ones? You have a burgeoning food critic on your hands. Just keep him away from the food porn sites…. he he he. JK. Anyway, I know what you mean about the surprise on your tongue when you taste something “different” and unexpected. Glad you were able to bake along, thank you. Have a great week.

  2. Your frosting looks great even if you don’t adore it.
    This was a like cake, for us, not a love cake.

  3. LOL on the “issues” comment, too cute. I have two of these domes that I keep on the counters for the boys to help themselves, so I smiled when I saw yours looking so much like mine today. Yes, I have resorted to the inexpensive version as teen boys are not known for gentleness when it comes to handling glass items. Fun post, love to see what you are up to over there each week, always inspiring.

  4. I didn’t have “issues” with the frosting because I made a ganache with cream. I could just like the bowl of that!
    LOVE the glass cake plate and dome. I want one of those.

  5. I love your son’s response. Very funny coming from an eight-year-old! I’m glad the cake part won some approval!

  6. “Has issues” LOL. Glad you liked the dense chocolatey cake. Too bad the frosting wasn’t your thing. I was skeptical when read the ingredients, but it was quite good. Someone subbed yogurt for the sour cream and said it worked very well. Maybe that would work for you.

  7. cake domes are my fave. they make anything look pretty and appetizing 🙂

  8. Ahh. Kids are our best critics. Hope that gorgeous plate lasts the year.

  9. I just broke my favourite cake plate and can’t find a replacement. Glad you enjoyed the cake! I made the frosting with part milk chocolate and it wasn’t tangy, so maybe that would work for you?

  10. The cake plate and cake are beautiful. I didn’t frost mine and I didn’t miss it.

  11. Haha, your son is hilarious. I had some issues with the cake myself, so I guess we’re in agreement. And I like your cake plate! I’ve never owned one…much less five…so I’m a week bit jealous. Fingers crossed for its survival!

  12. Sorry to hear about the loss of your grandmother – she sounded like quite an amazing individual.

    Being trying to catch up – you’ve been quite busy, I see. I’ll have to tackle that raisin bread, seeing how popular it was!

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