TWD: Catch up Post

OK.  I am still here.  Life is moving at warp speed.  I have actually made the last three recipes but haven’t posted them.  I am not going to have time to mess with pictures today but I feel compelled to post my reviews of the last three before it turns into four.  So, here goes:


I really wanted to make these with York pieces but I had a small window of time to make them on Sunday afternoon.  And there was a torrential downpour.  And I had Andes baking pieces in the cabinet.  You do the math.  I tried a small corner and declared them moist, chocolatey and minty.  Then I sent them to a friend who is serving overseas.  COMPLETELY forgot to take a picture.  I have made a similar recipe with whole york mini patties from Everyday Foods.  It has a row of patties in the middle of brownies.  Also very good.

Tarte Noire

I made this for my mom’s birthday and she declared it one of her favorite desserts.  This is one of those desserts that will fool your friends into thinking that you really know what you are doing.  AWESOME.

Rum Drenched Vanilla Cakes

I had no time and no rum.  I made one cake and used chocolate chips and coffee instead of rum.  Very nice simple cake.   I wish I had remembered to coat the chocolate chips with a little flour because they all sunk to the bottom.  Oh well.  I turned the cake over and it became a cake with a chocolate chip topping.  Probably not a repeat for me but that is mostly the result of my ambivalence towards poundcakes.

Whew.  Next week I hope to be back in the game.  with pictures even.


3 responses to “TWD: Catch up Post

  1. Whew…so glad you took a moment to catch up, I was missing you and wondering what you were up to…pretty sure it wasn’t just twiddling your thumbs idly while life passed you by! Love the idea of a row of the patties in something, fun to see, I’m sure. Tarte Noire easy and a big hit here as well. That drenched cake was delicious…and I made it non-alcoholic for 4th weekend also so that the littles could all enjoy a lovely cake. Good to hear from you…keep on enjoying the summer, we will all be here when you get winded!

  2. I skipped the vanilla cakes and just didn’t get to the tarte. Nice to know it has the wow factor, though. Made the brownies, but would like to try them again with the patty pieces…I only had junior mints. I’m with Kayte…enjoy the summer! We’ll be here when you get back. 🙂

  3. High Five! What an awesome looking banana cake and the topping . . . YUM! I can not believe this cake is gluten free! I can see why the two of you had 2 pieces.

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