TWD: Blondies for the Blondie

If I had time to fix my laptop issues, I could post some really cute pictures of my kids from their joint birthday party last weekend.  Pictures that would not only highlight their inherent adorableness but the striking difference in their appearance.  It’s as if our gene pool was split in half.  Will looks just like his dad and Colin is a little me with his light eyes, fair skin and light hair.  In our house, he is ofter referred to as “blondie.” 

So, how appropos that we made these blondies the week of his sixth (6th????) birthday.  We did the obligatory chocolate cake for his birthday party (well, we did two cuz it was a joint party.  When your birthday falls on December 26th, as Will’s does, you are allowed to celebrate in the summer with friends).  For Colin’s actual birthday yesterday, I made the blondies. 

Oh, what i do for love.  If they had been for me, I would have stocked them full of dark chocolate and dried cranberries.  Maybe a hint of orange somewhere.  BUT.  They were for my now six (6???) year old son.  I used milk chocolate disks and M&Ms.  Thumbs up from the under 10 set.

You can see they cracked like my 8 yr old with a secret.  Also, I can’t believe I am writing this, but they were a little too sweet for me.  Maybe it has something to do with my add-ins but next time I would reduce the sugar even sans M&Ms.

**we are going on vacation next month which will probably force me to fix this camera photo loading issue.

Next week:  not sure yet.

Thanks to Nicole at cookies on Friday for picking a perfectly timed recipe.


15 responses to “TWD: Blondies for the Blondie

  1. mmmmm,that sundae looks absolutely delicious! I loved these blondies with ice cream. Happy birthday to your son!

  2. ice cream seems like the perfect pairing for these. YUM.

  3. I served some with ice cream, too! I think they are super sweet myself, but still have taken more bites than necessary because they are good!
    Have a great vacay coming up! (Are you getting out of that despicable heat?)

  4. What fun additions to these! 🙂 Happy birthday and half birthday to your boys! Have fun on your vacation!

  5. I agree – your boys are carbon copies of you and your husband. And I can’t believe Colin is 6 (6???)- happy belated birthday to him – and get that camera fixed!

  6. I’m not a lover of most ice creams, but I think these blondies would go well with a side dish of some! They look delicious.

  7. I so hae to make these again to have them with ice cream. Yours look delicious! Good idea celebrating the birthday at a better time.

  8. Happy Birthday and Happy Half Birthday to Colin and Will! Matt will be 18 on Saturday…OMW where did that time go? Your blondies look great…they were a big hit here, but then when has a cookie ever been anything else around here…boys and cookies are a match made in heaven. Have a great vacation!

  9. HA! Cracked like your 8 yo with a secret. Hilarious! I think it’s great you throw your son a party in the summer. What a lucky guy! My oldest is turning 6 in September. Ugh…so sad. Good luck getting the camera issue fixed.

  10. too sweet? perfect excuse to add ice cream! 🙂

  11. That sundae does look good! I have a friend who loves M&M cookies so she would have loved your version. Thanks for baking along with me this week.

  12. UUUUMMMMmmm! Blondies and Ice Cream. With M&Ms. Perfect.

  13. Yum! Ice cream and blondies!!

  14. Those are sweet mix-ins, I bet you would love them with dark chocolate and cherries. That sounds really good.

  15. These blondies were amazing with chocolate chips, butterscotch chips and coconut. A definite keeper!

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