TWD (or WWD but whose counting): coffee break muffins

I don’t drink coffee.  Just am not that into it.  Love coffee ice cream and mocha anything is high on my list.  After the last several weeks, however, I have SERIOUSLY considered developing a coffee habit (update:  I had a half a cup today out of desperation…this could be a slippery slope).

Fortunately, these muffins are the way I like my coffee…masquerading as a sweet treat.  I have made these three times:

1) Plain

2) With a combo of milk, dark and white chocolate chunks (mocha baby!)

3) With 1/3 cup cocoa powder in place of 1/3 c. flour.  Pictured (such as it is) above. (mocha again!)

All were good but #2 was the standout.  Hope everyone else enjoyed theirs.

I am getting these made and posted…hope to get around to other blogs soon (but, sadly, not today).

next week:  tarte fine (made it already!!)


7 responses to “TWD (or WWD but whose counting): coffee break muffins

  1. Mmmm – mocha. I could go for one right about……now.

  2. I love it with the combo of chocolate chips. Sounds definitely divine!

  3. Wow, you go with all your variations! Definitely chocolate!
    I haven’t made next week’s yet because I can’t remember to get some puff pastry.

  4. chocoholicanonymous

    I think I would have liked your variation #2 best as well, or maybe a combo of #2 and #3. Great work, thanks for baking along.

  5. Love the idea of white and dark chocolate in the muffins! Im glad you enjoyed them!!!

  6. I added chocolate to mine, too. Definitely a winner!

  7. Wow, you have to be the queen of these muffins and the varieties! I liked them, and I don’t drink coffee, so that was a real revelation. Guys really loved them, and they thought a little chocolate inside would be wonderful…guess I will have to give that a try. Yours look great!

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