TWD: Double apple bundt cake

What will it take to get something posted on time.  If you had asked me over the weekend, I would have bet money that my post would be up on Tuesday.  Good thing I am not a gambler.  I would clearly be raiding my kids’ piggy bank to cover my losses.

I tried – twice- to snap a quick (and lame) picture of the cake with my phone.  but my not-so-smart phone was having issues.  That is why you have the random picture of Halloween above.  I didn’t want to go picture-less and I LOVE Halloween.

Look here is another

Did I mention that Will wants to be a zombie this year…with lots of fake blood?  what happened to my little batman?

To the cake…i was really hesitant to make this because I just wasn’t feeling 3 apple desserts in five weeks.  I know everyone should pick what they want and fall is the time for apples but…

My inner compulsive voice took over and I am glad it did.   This cake was really good.  I took most of it to work and it was gone in record time.  Thanks to Lynne at Honey Muffin for introducing me to a cake I know I will make again.

Next week:  Pear tart.  A break from the apples!


5 responses to “TWD: Double apple bundt cake

  1. Love the Halloween pics…gets me in the mood to get the October decor out around here, if I put it off too much longer there won’t be any point in it. So cute, the little boys with their costumes. We loved this cake, too. I’m not tired of apple things yet…not anywhere near it. Eager to see the pear tarts next week…never made a pear tart before.

  2. Okay, so I probably shouldn’t mention that I’m thinking of subbing apples for the pears in next week’s recipe… =) (I don’t like pears.) I’m kind of surprised my girls haven’t been talking much about Halloween yet. Gillian said that she wants to be Belle again (and I’m pretty sure the dress still fits, since it was a bit big last year). I’m kind of a afraid to ask what Brianna wants to be…

  3. They are way cuter than bundt cake 😉

  4. I have seen a lot of bundt cakes and I’d much prefer your boys in their Halloween finery! Adorable. We have Batman and Robin this year! I hope I have a little more time before the fake blood. 🙂

  5. aww next time 🙂 cute pix!
    xoxo Tia @ Buttercreambarbie

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