TWD: Pear Torte

Action shot – see below

Life conspired against me making this torte.  Why do the fates care whether this torte becomes a delectable reality?  I know not.  Mine is not to question but to present the evidence:

1.  It is made with pears.  I like pears.  I am not a pear hater.  BUT pears go from rock hard to overripe while you grab something from the fridge.  I had some pears to use for this.  Then they went to ripe stage 9 before I could get this done.  So, I bought new pears.  They stayed at zero.  I used them anyway and they were still pretty hard in the torte.

2.  I tried to make this during a playdate with a new friend.  New is the key word here because when someone “new” comes over every toy must be played with, examined and left out to be tripped over.  There were MANY interruptions – mom, this needs batteries, where is the second half of my storm trooper helmut, this isn’t working and on and on and on…

3.  I was also trying to make two separate dinners (don’t ask).  It’s like I lose my short term memory every day.  It’s an official syndrome, I’m sure.

So, I made the torte.  And it was pretty good.  Not as good as I’d hoped.  But that could be my fault (see 1-3 above).

It was too dark to get a picture the night I made it.  Then I saw my spouse grabbing for it the next night.  I had to QUICKLY snap a picture as he was hacking away at it.

8 responses to “TWD: Pear Torte

  1. I can just picture all this as you described it…it’s a Mom Thing. We all go, “Yep, been there on all of this a time or two….” That said, that is one fine looking torte despite all your efforts to make it not so….lol. 😉 Hugs for the littles and one for you for attempting 1-4 above. I’m thinking about next week and I am wondering…do those flavors even go together? I have to say, my tummy is a little wheezy thinking of pumpkin and caramel…what are you thinking?

  2. LOL – I love the action shot. Double points for making this amidst all the action – I had enough issues and I was left in total peace. Thanks for baking along.

  3. Well, at least you made it. I just could not get psyched about this one. Nicely done.

  4. I had the same challenge with my pears – first batch ripened in a day (literally). second purchase was rock hard. I diced them smaller to cook through, but then they turned grey after baking.

    Sounds like you had distractions bigger than the pears, and did great getting the job done! Nice job!

  5. Too funny and SPOT ON about the new playdate scenerio!
    Yep, won’t be making this one again, but with apples and minus the custard this would be really good–wait, that’s called apple pie! Coming soon! 😉

  6. despite all of that going on you made a beautiful torte!

  7. Bravo for getting that shot before the torte was gone. I know how tough that can be.

  8. You know, I always think that a playdate will mean LESS constant need for mom, but that never seems to happen. I’ll never learn. Good job getting this made! Sometimes it’s hard to just whip up a pear torte as life is happening all around us, you know?

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