TWD: Apple Pie

Does anyone else experience a philosophical struggle with these iconic desserts?

OK.  Maybe that is a little heavy handed.  We aren’t, after all, discussing invidual liberty v. the good of the group are we?  My point is…I wonder how much I should be deviating from the recipe.  If I start to make apple pie and decide to disregard a few of Dorie’s suggestions because ‘I know the way we like it,’ it really isn’t her apple pie, is it?  It’s my apple pie and shouldn’t I be attempting her apple pie?  Isn’t that the point? 

Well, apparently, I didn’t feel very strongly about that argument because I skipped a couple of things.  I didn’t have tapioca so I went with cornstarch.  I either don’t add citrus to my fruit pies or reduce it substantially — I always think the lemon flavor is too pronounced.  I probably would have added some zest here for experiment’s sake but I didn’t have a lemon Sunday night.  and it was Sunday night or bust for the pie.

I did everything else (including adding a few crushed Scooby snacks for the graham crackers) and the pie was deliciouso!  I made a mini in a 6in. springform because I made these brownies Saturday and there is only so much dessert I can be tempted by at once. 

Dorie’s recipe is at Sandmuffin.  Happy Halloween everyone!

next week:  peanuttiest blondies.  the tyranny of the apple has ended.  🙂

9 responses to “TWD: Apple Pie

  1. Glad this turned out so well. 🙂 Fun thoughts about how much we should change the recipe. Good sub with the scooby snacks!

  2. Love minis. Eat it and go on to something else new. Looks just right!!

  3. Who says you can’t have chocolate brownie on top of the apple pie?
    Smart of you to make a mini..

  4. This was a great pie, but I TOTALLY wish I’d omitted the lemon (or cut way back) as well, because zest of one whole lemon was WAY too much. It tasted like an apple lemon pie to me. Others really liked it, but I would omit the zest and add more cinnamon next time. I’m really bad, but may be the queen of adapting all of Dorie’s recipe. I try. ahem

    Cute brownies!

  5. I struggled with the same thing. I don’t like tapioca, so I used flour. And I left out the lemon zest. And I did crumbs on top, too. But I used Dorie’s pie crust recipe, which should count for something, right? =P Your little pie looks delicious. And is it crazy that now I want a 6″ springform pan? (because 7, 8, 9 and 10 inch ones aren’t enough…)

  6. scooby snacks in the crust – lol – 🙂
    xoxo Tia @ Buttercreambarbie

  7. Of course tweaking the recipe is expected. Dorie usually offers the first suggestions. I’m glad you found the right combo for you. Everyone has their own ideas about apple pie spices.

  8. Don’t worry I did my own thing on this pie too! Your pie and the cake look wonderful!

  9. Mark was not a fan of the lemon zest in the pie, but I WAS…love lemon in anything. All said, my apple pie is more to his liking, so I probably won’t get to add zest again unless I plan on eating a lot of it…not a good thing. Your pie looks great. Scooby snacks…lol…mothers need to improvise with what is at hand at the time, right? This especially holds true of mothers with younger children.

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