TWD: (M&M) Peanuttiest Blondies

I made the blondies for the Halloween dinner I host every year.  Instead of peanuts and chocolate chips, I used fall colored M&M peanuts and plain M&Ms.  Instead of a picture of the blondies you get a zombie and a vampire.  I did take a picture of the whole pan uncut.  I was far too harried to get a photo when they were nicely arranged on a serving plate.  and, frankly, I am still drowning in candy and decorations and CANDY WRAPPERS (they have been warned…) and can’t get my pictures uploaded.

The blondies were great as was Halloween.   Hope everyone else had a frightfully good weekend.  Pinewood Derby is this weekend.  Somehow, I am guessing that the cranberry shortbread cake isn’t what they had in mind when they asked for baked goods…

Full recipe at Bakeologie.  Make these.  You won’t be disappointed.


6 responses to “TWD: (M&M) Peanuttiest Blondies

  1. Putting the candy into the blondies is a great idea. Great costumes!

  2. The same warnings have been issued at our house about candy wrappers!
    I’m super candied and blondied out. 😉

  3. What a couple of cuties! Goodness me!

  4. Love the photo…much better and less frightening than looking at a lot of chocolate this morning…tee hee. Let me know how you do on that wrapper threat…so far, my pleas apparently are not getting through.

  5. Ugh! The candy wrappers are the worst. I don’t understand why they think the living room floor is now the place to drop the wrappers. Anyway…love their costumes!

  6. I was wondering what you’d do with the whole peanut butter thing – and now I know!

    I solved the candy situation – I let them have a small bag to keep, and took the rest to work. Where it was promptly devoured in less than an hour.

    The boys look so cute – their costumes are quite impressive!

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