TWD: I am back with Midnight Crackles

1) I did not intend to skip the entire month of December.

2) I did not intend to fail to post about the Apple Coconut Family Cake which I did make (tasted like there was hair in the cake and we’ll leave it that.  guess i have figured out why i don’t like coconut).

3) I did intend to but, sadly will not, write a lovely anniversary post.  Suffice it to say that these cookies snuck up on me.  I liked them more than I thought.  They made lovely Christmas gifts which is I have no pictures of them.  I have instead posted a picture of our holiday card from this year.  Bonus points if you get the reference!!

New Year’s Resolution:  be a better poster.  My plan has always been to stick with this until the end and I was very faithful for a long time.  I need to find that discipline again.


7 responses to “TWD: I am back with Midnight Crackles

  1. Adoroable! Welcome back to baking!

  2. “I’m Mister Heat Miser…..” Love that show. I “make” the kids watch it every year! Happy New Year!

  3. Like the photo!! Happy New Year and Im looking fwd to baking with you in 2011!!

  4. Cute photo. I know…I have been very bad about making sweet things lately as well…sort of sweet-ed out over here, but my twitter baking pals made me feel really guilty yesterday so I sallied forth and got them done…they were pretty cute actually. Happy to hear 2011 will be the year of better posting, I always love coming over here for a read…ever a smile when I leave. Happy New Year to you and the boys!

  5. Welcome back to the band wagon! Glad to have you with us. Love the photo. 😉

  6. Oh! I love this! The heat miser and his brother. Love that duet they sing together. Your friends and family must have really enjoyed getting this card!

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