TWD: Chocolate Fluff Filled Mini Muffileines

What is a great snack after sledding?*  Mini muffileines.

What is a great ending to an otherwise super healthy meal of white bean stew?  Mini muffileines.

What will send your kids into a chocolate induced frenzy of gratitude?  Mini muffeilenes.

So, yeah, these were a big hit at our house. *best cupcakes ever, mom* .  We double dipped in the ganache because wasting?  It is soooo against our philosophy around here.  🙂

Variations:  just the obvious.  I don’t own a madeleine pan.

Bottom Line:  fabulous.  and I am not even sure you need the fluff to enjoy the fabulousness.  Thanks to Margo of Effort to Deliciousness.  Full recipe there.

*these were taken at the first hint of snowfall.  Santa brought sleds for christmas and two young men were dying to try them out.  The real sledding came the next day…

8 responses to “TWD: Chocolate Fluff Filled Mini Muffileines

  1. Those look great, and the guys here would be just as enthusiastic! Love, love, love the photos of the boys. I remember when Matt and Alex were two we got them sleds for Christmas, but there was no snow that day, and the first day it started to snow they got the sleds and sat in them in the backyard waiting as the snow fell all around them, they sat in them for the longest time waiting for there to be enough snow to sled and finally gave up and returned later when there was enough snow to sled…I have the best photos of it…fun memories, thanks for sharing yours!

  2. Um…I am having trouble focusing on your delicious cookies because I am fixated on the word muffinileines….so cute :). Nice post.

  3. I love it–muffileines! Awesome!

  4. Fun snow pictures and yummy looking muffinileines! 🙂 Glad these were a hit!

  5. I love the pictures of your happy tasters! The muffinleines look great, too! Thanks for baking with me this week.

  6. Sant s dropped some sleds here, too! Looks like a good time, both the sledding and the muffinleines!

  7. a great post! I love how you adapted your recipe to muffinleines!

  8. great job! they look wonderful and cute pix of your kiddos too!

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