TWD: Nutless Swirly Bundt Cake and Orange Poppyseedless Muffins

Twofer again…although this time it is not entirely my fault.  I made the muffins last week and was ready to post.  Unfortunately, our internet, cable and phone were out early last week (some issue with a fiber optic cable).  My kids’ reaction to a lengthy period without computer and TV is probably worth a post on its own, but it will have to wait.  So scroll down for both posts:

It was either take it at night or not take it…

The Bundt Cake

If I was a lady who “lunched,” I would probably serve this sliced beautifully after the kind of light crustless sandwiches that seem to exist only for ladies who lunch.  Instead, I am a lady who blows around the house like a tornado to get the kids to school and herself to work (preferably showered).  I usually “lunch” at my desk (sorry, Michael Pollan) and, if I am lucky, it is a post work-out lunch.  Cuz if I don’t work out at lunch…it ain’t happening that day.

If I were six, I might find this cake served after Sunday dinner at my grandma’s house.  I could easily imagine her serving this after pot roast or brisket or one of those other dishes I haven’t eaten in 20+ years.  Of course, there would be two cakes to feed everyone and one would be nutless for me and my cousin Eric.  She was good that way.  Instead, I am almost at the end of my fourth decade and, if I want Sunday dinner, it is up to me.  And it won’t be brisket or chicken fried steak or cabbage rolls or any of those other Sunday staples from my childhood.

So, I served this after veggie burgers and baked fries on Saturday night.  And it was perfect.

Variations:  I skipped the nuts and used greek yogurt in place of the sour cream.  Also, the very last thing we need around here is an entire cake so I halved it and baked it in a 6 in. springform.

Bottom Line: I would definitely make this again.  Fabulous.

Orange Poppyseed(less) Muffins

This is Will.  He is my favorite Brown eyed boy.

This is Colin.  He is my favorite Blue eyed boy.

I love them both more than anything in the world.


But, I also love date nights (sans blue or brown eyed boys) with my hazel eyed guy that last the whole night.

These are muffins.  They are a good treat to leave for a grandma who is stays overnight with blue and brown eyed boys.

Variations:  no lemon; no poppyseeds; half whole wheat flour and greek yogurt instead of sour cream.

Bottom line: A good solid muffin.  I could take or leave lemon poppyseed muffins but these were a good variation.  The glaze made them and is a requirement moving forward.


5 responses to “TWD: Nutless Swirly Bundt Cake and Orange Poppyseedless Muffins

  1. One, love the old school picture. Two, I have a son named Will too…isn’t it the best name ever??!!! Three, I loved this cake too.

  2. Aw the old picture is so nice!!! Im glad you enjoyed the cake and the muffins.they look so tasty!!

  3. Love the photos! Really like that you made the bundts into muffins…great idea! Your muffins looked great, too. Very fun post…so cute with the photos!

  4. Those are some cute kiddos! 🙂 I bet grandma had a blast with them. Nice subs with the yogurt and wheat flour!

  5. Great post. Love all the photos. Loved the cake and muffins, too.

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