TWD: GREAT great grains muffins

Action shot – Trying to snap a pic of the last one as it is being eaten…

The name is true, these are great despite what some might consider an “offensive” ingredient:  prunes.  (full disclaimer:  the muffins above don’t have prunes – apricots instead – but I have made these with prunes.)  I think most of us consider prunes “old lady” food.  Don’t act like you don’t know what I am talking about.  Prunes are old lady food in the same way that fruit rollups are kid food and frozen burritos are college kid fare.  Its the key demographic.  But prunes have company.  Here is my partial list of what I affectionately describe as “old lady” food:

  • Cottage cheese
  • Liver and onions
  • Pimento loaf
  • Boiled vegetables
  • Nehi
  • Salsbury steak
  • Beer in a glass with ice (no?  I guess we don’t know the same old ladies).
  • These, however, were certainly NOT old lady food.  We had them on a “breakfast for dinner” night with tofu scramble.  yu-um.
  • Now, I can’t get this bullet format to go away….ugh.

9 responses to “TWD: GREAT great grains muffins

  1. LOL on the old lady food…not appealing whatsoever to think about those, is it? Well, okay, I do like cottage cheese. Your muffin looks great on the run…I had to grab one quick as well as they were flying out of the basket, they were a big hit here and if you think I am not stealing that apricot idea, you are wrong. I will try that this weekend as I have a request for these again.

  2. I always enjoy your posts, Kelly!! Guess I’m on the road to old lady, since pimento loaf is a (very, very rare) guilty pleasure and I eat cottage cheese all the time!! :-). No prunes here, though. Nice muffins!

  3. i like that list of old lady food–haha! i happen to like prunes a much so that i’d eaten all mine before i made the muffins, so i used apricots instead, too. these were great…glad you enjoyed!

  4. Nice post! No prunes over here..I added chocolate!

  5. My Grandma always had hard unwrapped cheese in her fridge! I am going to make some with dates–slightly old lady.

  6. Very funny post! I do like prunes in my muffins.

  7. too funny with the pic, lol.

  8. Too funny with the old lady food list!

  9. I didn’t even see the old lady food in these. 🙂 Love you list of old lady foods.

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