Portrait of a Snow Day

For the first time ever in my working life, my office closed for a snow day.  The kids, naturally, were out as well.

I spent the entire day in my slippers.  bliss.






We played a lot of games — Scrabble, Star Wars and Wii Game Night.  Will is “throwing darts” in the action shot.  Please note their attire.  The optimist is wearing, not only shorts, but his swim trunks.  Why?  Ours is not to question why but rather to marvel at his ability to stay warm in the middle of a blizzard in a drafty old house.  Colin apparently got distracted while getting dressed managing only to get new pants on.  The pajama shirt stayed all day.

Pardon the mess on the floor.  Cleaning didn’t quite make the list of snow day activities.  We “watched” Secretariat — with some of us doing more watching than others.








We also made time for chocolate chip cooking baking.  I ate way too many.





I will probably be stir crazy in 8 minutes, but, for now, I am lovin’ it.  Stay warm!


3 responses to “Portrait of a Snow Day

  1. Very fun to see your day yesterday and hear about it, I miss those kinds of days now that my boys are 18. Fun to revisit that…half jammies was a thing that happened here as well, and swim trunks always a big hit, winter or summer! I cannot believe how big your boys are getting…seems they have doubled in size these past couple of years. Happens right under our noses and we don’t even notice most of the time, doesn’t it?

  2. Kinda glad we’re not in Kansas anymore for THAT storm. Fun pics.
    My boys, each taking their own turns have been home sick since Jan. 4, I think a snow day on top of that would kill me. 😉
    Yay for chocolate chip cookies!

  3. Cool! We have had 6 snow days so far this school year. Actually, since January, now that I am thinking about it. Some days are better than others, and most of them include baking of some sort. I believe all snow days should have some cookies involved there, some how…preferably with chocolate. Love the way the boys are dressed!! So fun!

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