Have I already ruined my kid’s attitude towards working?

When you are six are you supposed to cognizant of the drudgery of the workaday life?  Shouldn’t all jobs still seem exciting?  I remember loving my play cash register…the buttons!  the sounds!  the popping cash drawer!  When I finally used one on a regular basis in college I wasn’t nearly so enamored but I was the ripe old age of 18.  At six?  Nirvana.

Apparently, my six year old is already clued into the not-so-exciting aspects of work life.  This was our conversation the other day.  We pulled into the drive through at CVS (pharmacy if they haven’t yet taken over your corner of the world.).  The recording about dropping off prescriptions ends with this, “we look forward to serving you.”

Colin: That’s a lie.

Me:  What?  What are you talking about?

Colin:  He is not looking forward to serving us.

Me:  How would you know that?

Colin:  There are lots of medicines and bags back there.  That is a lot of work to go through that stuff.

The pharmacy tech retrieves our prescription and, while not surly, is not overly friendly either.

Colin:  See, I told you.  He was not happy to serve us.

Have I inadvertently created this?  Shouldn’t he still think being a garbage man is cool (he rides on the back of a truck!)?  He hasn’t worked a day and he is already over it.  I like my job but I suppose I haven’t been whistling my way to work.  I may have even expressed joy at the end of the work week.  More than once.  I need to ponder this one some more.


2 responses to “Have I already ruined my kid’s attitude towards working?

  1. Chuckling over this (I’m sorry, I know it is a weighty matter but it is rather cute that Colin has this all figured out at a tender age, and I’m fairly sure it came from his powers of observation of everyone in their jobs, not just something you may or may not have portrayed, kids are very big on noticing things). And is this such a guy thing to observe/say or what? It starts young….lol!

  2. I will have to keep my eyes and ears open for this. I do not work outside the home, but I guess they do catch a glimpse of my husband when he goes home from work, and how happy he is when it’s the weekend.

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