TWD: Chocolate Oatmeal (??) Drops

A photo study of a Sunday night, chocolate oatmeal drops included.  Please note, I said NIGHT and it was January.  Draw your own conclusions about the quality.

Will playing basketball in the kitchen, trying to avoid the bags of clothes are giving away.  Notice that he is still in his uniform.  His game was at 2:00pm.  This was after dinner .

The rest of the pics were taken by Will.

Me mixing the dry ingredients.

The entire family (parents included) is banned from electronics until after dinner on Sundays.  Colin whips out the game controllers as soon as possible.

In case you were wondering what was on screen.

The finished chocolate oatmeal drops.  Hmmm…I didn’t “get” the addition of the oatmeal to these.   I wish I had left it out or substituted something else.  Colin, of course, was disappointed to discover the oats.  He wanted them removed from the next batch…


8 responses to “TWD: Chocolate Oatmeal (??) Drops

  1. they look moist and chewy. yummy! Buttercreambarbie

  2. Your cookies look good, if only that were chocolate chips in there. Live and learn. 😉
    Fun pics.

  3. They look delicious – even if the oatmeal wasn’t quite welcome! Your basketball player looks hooked! 🙂

  4. I love the salt + chocolate combo too…like the World Peace Cookies! These look great!

  5. Your house looks likemine, video games, boys and basketball…not to mention the yummy cookies and you baking in the kitchen! love your post!!

  6. I think I like the idea of no electronics until after dinner on Sunday. Smart move! Another good post!

  7. Haha, I like the request for oatmeal removal. thanks for baking with us these week. The photo summary was fun!

  8. Love that policy on Sundays re video games, etc. Cute photos. I skipped these cookies as I just was not up for dealing with chocolate that week, or some such excuse, but am thinking after reading everyone’s reviews that the guys would probably like them (oatmeal and all) so maybe I should do a rewind soon. Yours would not last long here.

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