A respite from winter doldrums in…St. Louis?


A couple of weeks ago during (what seemed like) our 37th snow day, Jamie declared that we needed a change of scenery.  We quickly came to the sad conclusion that a trip to the Caribbean or anywhere with a healthy dose of warmth was out of the budget.  We did discover that we both had work to do in St. Louis, MO and that the kids had a day off school the next week.  Granted, St. Louis is only four hours away and those hours flow East and not South but sometimes you just have to decide to make it work.

It is amazing how much more tolerant you are of the weather when you have something different to see.  We traipsed all around downtown St. Louis while I have barely spent more than five consecutive minutes outside here.

some highlights:

Lunch at Charlie Gitto’s downtown.  Jamie wasn’t – frankly – too pleased with the food but it is always worthwhile to try a local institution.

the Arch:  We have been to St Louis as a family before and, last time, neither of kids would ride to the top of the Arch.  Later, Will told me he was very disappointed that he didn’t go to the top and was insistent that we go back.  So, we indulged.  And then he decided he didn’t want to go again.  Colin, surprisingly, was gung ho and ready.  Then we got there and he started wavering.  We tried to be understanding parents but, it was a long cold walk up to the Arch and, if no one was going to bother to go up, we would definitely have gone somewhere else.  There may have been some subtle (or not) “encouragement.”  Finally, it was decided we would all go and you can guess how the story ends.  They loved it and we were thrilled they sucked it up and went.  I was really really glad they got to enjoy the experience instead of giving in to their fear.

in the capsule and at the top

Illinois:  Will is a wannabe world traveler.  He is still very resentful of the trip Jamie and I took to Puerto Rico last year without him.  Very resentful.  He is also well schooled in geography and knows St. Louis is on a state line.  So, not surprisingly, he was suggesting (frequently) that we go to Illinois so he could cross another state off his list.  We took the Metrolink one stop into Illinois and the boy was satisfied.

the Citygarden:  or as Colin called it, “the children’s place they randomly put in the middle of the street.”

The Blues game.  The kids had never seen an NHL game and Will may now be its biggest fan.  Colin had a good time but Will?  Will loved every minute of it…even those minutes before the cotton candy arrived.  He was cheering, high fiving strangers and adopting the lingo (nice body check!).  Watching him was half the fun!

Thanks, St. Louis, for giving us a little jolt of enjoyment this winter.


2 responses to “A respite from winter doldrums in…St. Louis?

  1. Sounds like a great trip! I’m glad they decided to go up into the arch! They probably were so psyched after that! Love all the pictures, too.

  2. My husband’s family is from St. Louis, his parents moved when Mark was 5 but all the extended family on both sides of his live there still and we love going there to visit, so much to do and see…always fun. I liked reading your take on your trip there, brings back a lot of fun memories of when the boys were little and enjoying many of the same things.

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