Hashbrowns 2; Me 0

















Quick pic  – believe me, I wanted to spend not a second more on these babies.

OK.  I give.  This was latest and FINAL attempt at hashbrowns.  They are now permanently relegated to restaurant food (or Ore Ida) only.  I don’t have time for this finicky dish.

I couldn’t help myself – I did a little research.  Apparently, I am supposed to grate the potatoes straight into cold water.  hmmm…I am sure I will be rushing to the kitchen to try this…right after i finish War and Peace.


One response to “Hashbrowns 2; Me 0

  1. I can’t seem to make them either. But my dad is kind of making the best hashbrowns. It’s all about using a lot of oil, more than you’d think. I mean, they aren’t swimming/floating in oil, but I think it’s a lot, like you kind of want the oil in the pan seeping up through the sizzling potatoes.
    Still, when I try it, they are never as good as my dads. I’ll have to ask him about them again.

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