Thought for Thursday

Why are the legos in my house plotting against me?  First, I know (KNOW) they are multiplying over night.  But, even worse, they are out to get me.  Four hundred square feet of bare floor and I will always – always – step on the one 1/2 in. lego in the room…while carrying laundry…in the dark.  Oh legos, why do you torment me so?


2 responses to “Thought for Thursday

  1. Damn legos! I feel your pain and I will raise you some playmobil pieces!!

  2. Definitely remember those days…and then they grow up and you sort of miss all the little bits around the house…sometimes I am tempted to just get them out of the attic and strew them about for old times’ sake. No comfort now, I know, but someday you will be thinking these same thoughts. Enjoy the days’ clutter and know it, too, will have it’s end.

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