This Week in Good Things – 2/25/11

  • Will – Friday (I hear ya there, friend);
  • buying a gift for a friend’s birthday party;
  • the return of the Amazing Race (Will and I watch this together – we hope the cowboys get their act together next week)
  • dad’s birthday
  • Viktor Krum getting “stupefied” in the Goblet of Fire.  We are reading the fourth Harry Potter book at bedtime.  The boys love it and beg for more paragraphs every night.  Sometimes I oblige and sometimes…


  • Playdate with his bud Johnny;
  • playing video games (again and always);
  • eating candy;
  • finding his lost joke glasses which had “been gone for 16 years” (or a couple of weeks).  Want to encourage some playful orneryness in your 6 yr old?  the practical joke set is for you!

One response to “This Week in Good Things – 2/25/11

  1. These are such fun to read! Thanks for sharing, I smile through them all!

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