Thought for Thursday

What is about diet coke?  Will and I were discussing whether we planned to give up anything for Lent and he told me a friend’s mother tried to give up diet coke one year but didn’t make it.  I shudder at the thought of even trying.   Not even under consideration.


One response to “Thought for Thursday

  1. LOL, we are all on Twitter this morning discussing what we are giving up for Lent…no time like Ash Wednesday to be finally deciding, right? So far my choices are NCAA playoffs (not a real good one since they don’t last all of Lent or maybe I am just rationalizing it too much), books (not even a remote chance and this was suggested by a friend who clearly does not have my best interests at heart), sweets (definitely a possibility but would be terribly difficult each week to go around and visit blogs so might be jeopardizing the whole idea), and sex (suggested by a friend who knows me well and knows this is nothing but a joke as I would be a crazy loon within the week). I think my real answer is going to be going with half portions of all food I usually eat and hope that nutritionally I will be just fine by popping a couple vitamins a day. That’s the plan I think. So what did you decide?

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