This Week in Good Things 3/4/11

OK.  I am ashamed to admit that this but I can’t remember a lot of the good things this week.  It has just been…one of those weeks.  So, here is the list, such as it is.


  • Finishing Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  Will read the first three on his own but has been joining Colin and me for our nightly trip to Hogwarts.  I am not positive as to why he didn’t read this one on his own but I think the length (700+ pages) intimidated him.
  • Finishing the book for his book report
  • Finishing his book report.  A day early.  Is he my son?
  • Piano lesson


  • Ditto on the Goblet of Fire.  We have now started the Order of the Phoenix but, three nights in, he is ready for the story to get to Hogwarts already!
  • Swimming lesson.  Well, I am glad he had fun but I can’t be sure the other kids did.  I heard Colin yelling “we’re all gonna die!”  all the way across the pool.  I am glad his teacher thinks he’s funny.
  • Show and tell day.
  • Dad picking him up from school.  Always his first choice.  I try not to take it personally buuutttt….

One response to “This Week in Good Things 3/4/11

  1. Cracking up over the swimming lesson thing. I will send him a link where he can watch Matt swim and win a close race if you think he would like to see that…and at the end I’m sure Matt was thinking, “I’m gonna die!” lol

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