TWD: brownies, honey?


This is what I think Dorie’s introductory paragraph should have said:

The recipe tastes like brownies from a box without all the pesky corn syrup and multi-syllabic ingredients.

Seriously.  After I ate one (or more) it hit me.  These brownies taste just like a box mix.  They are super duper moist but light on chocolate flavor.   So, if you are partial to that kind of brownie but leery of anything with that long of a shelf life.  These are for you, friend.

Leave me the super chocolaty ones.  Thank you, very much.


2 responses to “TWD: brownies, honey?

  1. Very funny and true! I looking for someone to have slathered them in chocolate icing.

  2. I have not a clue what to think of these brownies…seriously, they all said different things, they all looked different, and I certainly didn’t taste them despite everyone’s claim they could hardly taste the chocolate…but I will say, they disappeared quite quickly around here and the guys said they would be happy to eat more!

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