This week in good things 4/1/11

I know I have missed the last two weeks.  Ugh.  Too much going on around these parts.


  • going to PowerPlay.
  • coming up with a new language where he just drops the first letter of every word.  It was as much fun listening to this all day as it sounds…
  • Spanish class
  • PE and music class.  Will not really rockin’ the creative ideas mid-week.


  • going to power play
  • Kirby’s Epic Yarn:  if you haven’t seen this, I don’t know how to explain it.  It is a video game.  The main character is made of yarn and he turns into other objects on his adventures.  There is a character named Prince Fluff.  I fear the use of controlled substances contributed to this…
  • cracking his knuckles.  (It was a slow day)  We asked the Dr about this.  She said she wished she had some great reason to tell him to stop but there really isn’t.
  • the chicks that hatched in his classroom.  I lu-u-uv kindergartners.  They named the chicks:  mario, sophie, werewolf and luke skywalker.  Colin was rooting for anakin skywalker but, apparently, couldn’t drum up enough support for that one.

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